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Candaba Marsh, Pampanga

January 17, 2010
Brgys. Simang, Paralaya, Perlas
Candaba Marsh, Pampanga

Huge flock of Garganeys takes to the air
Flock of Garganeys takes to the air

Reported by Trinket Canlas, Kitty Arce, Jhoel Jorda, Felix Servita
Other birders: James Biron, Adrian Constantino, Anna Gonzales, Mike Lu, Gina Mapua, Ixi Mapua, Jun Osano, Alain del Pascua, Mel Tan, Arnel Telesforo

Little Grebe 24

Yellow Bittern 83
Cinnamon Bittern 7
Black-crowned Night-Heron 254
Cattle Egret 1236
Little Egret 358
Intermediate Egret 46
Great Egret 81
Purple Heron 94
Grey Heron 346
Unidentified herons & egrets 3708

Joint census with the DENR
Census participants led by the DENR Region 3 and WBCP

Wandering Whistling Duck 2
Common Teal 20
Philippine Duck 593
Northern Pintail 182
Garganey 3750
Northern Shoveler 252
Tufted Duck 76

Banded Rail 4
Barred Rail 6
White-browed Crake 25
Bush-Hen 1
White-breasted Waterhen 8
Moorhen 94
Purple Swamphen 16
Common Coot 4

Pheasant-tailed Jacana 2

Hunter stalking the ducks taken by bird photographers with telephoto lens
Photo of hunter in action

Oriental Pratincole 26
Little-ringed Plover 15
Kentish Plover 6
Marsh Sandpiper 29
Greenshank 4
Wood Sandpiper 28
Common Sandpiper 7
Red-necked Stint 3
Long-toed Stint 2
Unidentified shorebirds 560

Whiskered Tern 740
Unidentified terns 445

Additional species:

Eastern Marsh Harrier – 1, male
Common Kingfisher – 18
Collared Kingfisher – 4

Total count: 13,160 birds, 39 species