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The official website of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines

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October 7 - Wednesday
Arrival of delegates
Department of Tourism representatives will welcome foreign delegates at the airport and will provide transfers to Trader’s Hotel
Local delegates are booked by WBCP at the Orchid Garden Suites

1730-1800 Depart Trader’s Hotel for Casa Manila, Intramuros
1800-1830 Depart Orchid Garden Suites for Casa Manila, Intramuros
1800-1830 Tour of Casa Manila for foreign delegates
1830-1900 Tour of Casa Manila for local delegates
1900 Welcome Dinner by the Department of Tourism

Welcome Dinner Program
Casa Blanca, Barrio San Luis, Intramuros, Manila

Welcome by Emcees
Acknowledgement of Special Guests
Short introduction on the book project
Welcome Remarks by DOT Sec. Joseph Ace Durano
Showing of Avian Archipelago
Distribute Birdwatching in the Philippines, Volume 2 to guests
Introduction on the bird festival
Acknowledgement of festival sponsors
Acknowledgement Remarks by Festival Main Sponsor Team Energy Foundation Executive Director Ma. Teresa C. Lopez
Introduction of organizations participating in the bird fest
Announcement for delegates

October 8 - Thursday

0800-1130 Depart for Balanga
1130-1200 Check-in at Crown Royale Hotel
1200-1330 Lunch at Joyous Resort & Restaurant
1400-1600 Ingress at festival venue
1400-1700 Bird Conservation Forum for local delegates
Bird Conservation Forum Program
Silver Room, G/f Crown Royale Hotel

1300-1400 Arrival and Registration
1400-1420 Opening Remarks and Introduction of Resource Speakers
1420-1500 Natural treasures of Bataan: Unique Biodiversity of Bataan
by Dr. Aldrin Mallari
1500-1530 Avian Diversity of Bataan: Issues and Concerns by Mark Villa
1530-1645 Open Forum
1645-1700 Synthesis and Closing by Dr. Aldrin Mallari


1600-1630 Courtesy call to Balanga City Mayor
1630-1800 Birdwatching at Sibacan Fishponds
1900-2130 Welcome Dinner by City of Balanga

Welcome Dinner Program
Blue Horizon, 4/f
Crown Royale Hotel

1900-1915 Registration
1915-2000 Invocation/Doxology by Bangkal Children’s Choir
Philippine National Anthem
Welcome Remarks by Balanga City Tourism Council
Chairperson Isabel F. Garcia
Balanga City audio-visual presentation by Balanga City Mayor Jose Enrique
S. Garcia III
2000-2030 Dinner
2030-2130 Special Number by Bataan National High School Dance Troupe
Inspirational Message by Bataan Provincial Governor Enrique T. Garcia Jr.
Introduction of Delegates by Wild Bird Club of the Philippines
Closing Remarks by Balanga City Vice-Mayor Noel Joseph L. Valdecanas
Balanga City Hymn by COB Saliw-Himig Choir

October 9- Friday

0500-0545 Breakfast
0545-0600 Depart for Balanga City Wetland Park
0600-0630 Fluvial Parade from Talisay River to Balanga City Wetland Park
0630-0700 Dedication Ceremony
0700-0900 Parade from Balanga City Wetland Park to Capitol Grounds
0800-0930 Viewing of exhibits/coloring/face-painting
0930-1000 Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies Program
People’s Center, Capitol Grounds

0930-1000 Invocation/Doxology by BPSU Chamber Chorale
Philippine National Anthem
Parade of Colors
Panata sa Kalikasan
Opening Remarks by Festival Chair Alice Villa-Real
Welcome Remarks by Balanga City Mayor Jose Enrique S. Garcia III
Special Number by Bataan National High School Dance Troupe
Keynote Speech from DOT Secretary Joseph Ace Durano
Closing Remarks by City Councilor Vianca Gozon, Chairperson Committee
on Tourism
Banda Kawayan musical number

1000-1015 Birding Basics lecture for Grade 4-6 students
1015-1030 Common Birds & Bird Calls lecture for Grade 4-6 students
1030-1200 Bird Quest
1200-1330 Lunch at festival venue
1330-1430 Viewing of exhibits
1430-1445 Birding Basics lecture for Grades 1-3 students
1445-1515 Bird Calls lecture and contest
1515-1545 WWF lecture
1545-1600 Avian Archipelago video

1600-1630 Outdoor exhibits
1600-1800 Birdwatching trip for Philippine Women’s University students
at Sibacan fishponds to be led by Arne Jensen and Mark Villa
1630 Festival ends for the day

*** Simultaneous lecture series at the Bulwagan ng Bayan II (behind festival venue)

1030-1100 Cebu Biodiversity Conservation Foundation – Lisa Paguntalan: Where can one find the best birds in the Philippines ?

1130-1200 PENAGMANNAKI, Apolinario Carino: Community-based Feather
Conservation: The Negros Oriental Experience

1330-1400 Katala Foundation, Maruji Manalo : Share a Place to Live

1430-1500 Isla Biodiversity, Cynthia Layusa & Carl Oliveros : Conservation of the
Calayan Rail

1530-1600 Polillo Island, Lea-Jim Villanueva & Alex Acuna : Importance of
Biodiversity in Polillo

1900-2100 Governor’s Night, Lou-is Resort and Restaurant

1900-0300 Pagaspasan – Gabi ng mga Banda
Street Party in front of Provincial Capitol


Governor’s Night Program
Grand Ballroom, Lou-is Resort & Restaurant

1900-1915 Invocation
1915-1945 Philippine National Anthem by COB Saliw-Himig Choir
Welcome remarks by Bataan Tourism Council Foundation Chairperson
Madame Victoria S. Garcia
Inspirational Message by Senator Ramon Revilla, Jr.
1945-2030 Dinner
2030-2130 Presentation by Bataan 2nd District Representative Albert Raymond S. Garcia
Response from the WBCP and reps from local NGOs and foreign delegates


October 10- Saturday

0530-0800 Breakfast
0600-0800 Birdwatching at Tortugas for Balanga volunteer bird guides
led by Arne Jensen and Mark Villa
0730-0800 Depart for Bgy Upper Tuyo
0800-1000 Release of Brahminy Kites at Bgy Upper Tuyo
0830-1000 Viewing of exhibits/coloring/face-painting
1000-1030 Birding Basics & Bird Calls lecture for High School students
1030-1130 Bird Quest
1130-1200 Closing Ceremonies
1200-1230 Egress

***Simultaneous lecture at the Bulwagan ng Bayan II (behind festival venue)

1000-1030 Municipality of Candaba, Leonardo Manalo: The Candaba
Swamp Wildlife Reserve: Challenges and Prospects

1100-1130 Birdwatch Palawan, Miguel Cervancia: Birding Keeps our Environment Healthy

1200-1330 Lunch
1500-1600 Optional Trip to Mt. Samat
1600-1800 Birdwatching at Sibacan Fishponds
1800-1815 Back to Crown Royale Hotel
1900-2100 Farewell Dinner at Patio Isidora, Lou-is Resort and Restaurant


October 11 – Sunday

0600 Breakfast
0800 Check-out
0830 Depart for Manila