The official website of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines
The official website of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines

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1. Philippine Bird Festival Opening Ceremonies
The Bird Festival is formally opened by WBCP & friends

2. Bird Conservation Forum moderated by Neil Aldrin Mallari, Wild Bird Club of the Philippines
Join and participate in this pre-birdfest activity and help conserve our wild birds.

3. Birding Basics by Alice Villa-Real and Nicky Icarangal, Wild Bird Club of the Philippines
Introduces audience to birds of the Philippines and the basics of birdwatching.

4. BirdQuest
An activity for students sending them on a quest around the exhibit area to teach them about the nature and the environment.

5. Exhibitors Time
Bird Festival exhibitors take center stage to introduce their organizations and invite festival goers to visit their booth. Exhibitors include environmental and government organizations, as well as international bird clubs.

6. Coloring and/or face-painting sessions will be conducted in between the above-mentioned activities.

7. Sharing a Place to Live by the Katala Foundation
Little did we know or are aware that we, humans and birds have many things in common in order to survive! We need intact forests so we both can continue to provide free services for each other. Learn about how we can share a place to live by joining Katala Foundation's fun and interactive lecture! Tawan ta y lugar para mabue!

8. Aba, KakaIBA by BirdWatch Palawan
PALAWAN kakaIBA! describes the uniqueness of wildlife which are found only in Palawan and nowhere else in the whole world. This enables us to identify the Palawan¢s endemic and unique birds in their living environment. Likewise, conveys common understanding on the importance of protecting and conserving Palawan Important Bird Areas and its fragile wildlife.

9. An Island for Birds and Turtles by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines
Learn more about the inhabitants of the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park.

10. Paglaya sa Munting Hawla by My Zoo Foundation
The illegal wildlife trade is a million dollar industry and is one of the reasons for the decline of plant and animal species in the planet. Through an interactive presentation, MyZoo will feature some of the Philippines amazing wildlife and tell about the consequences of the illegal wildlife trade and what we can do to stop it.

11. Delegates Fellowship Dinner (Friday Evening, by invitation)
Get to know the delegates and friends of the 4th Philippine Bird Festival.

12. Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Park Tour led by the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines
Take a trip on the world’s longest navigable underground river and discover the feathered inhabitants of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

13. Iwahig Bird Walk led by the BirdWatch Palawan & WBCP
BirdWatch Palawan & WBCP takes Puerto Princesa’s teachers on a guided bird trip.

14. Irawan Birding led by BirdWatch Palawan
Go birdwatching with BWP at Puerto Princesa’s main watershed.

15. Rasa Island Birdwatching led by the Katala Foundation
Visit Rasa Island with the Katala Foundation and see the last stronghold of the Philippine Cockatoo.