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Memo 1 - December 14, 2009

Memorandum to: Mr. Michael Lu, President - Wild Bird Club of the Philippines

From: Victor Yu - Chinese Wild Bird Federation,

Date: December 14, 2009

Subject: The Asian Bird Festival will be born.

This was the decision made by representatives of the Bird Conservation Society of Thailand, Chinese Wild Bird Federation, Malaysian Nature Society, Nature Society of Singapore, Wild Bird Club of the Philippines and the Wild Bird Society of Taipei. The birding leaders were attending the highly successful 9th Thailand Birdwatching Fair, at the Bangpoo Recreational Center, Samutprakarn and met on 22 November 2009 to consider the question.

The annual Asian fair will run on the back of a national bird festival to be chosen from among the various national fairs already being held every year throughout the region.

The objective of the regional fair will be to promote friendship among Asian bird clubs, enabling them to help each other promote birdwatching as an eco-tourism activity and to share best practices. Additionally, the Asian bird fest will promote the city and the country where it is being held.

Please send an official response from your organization to inform us if your organization supports or disagrees with this initiative. Other bird clubs in the region will also be invited to participate in the founding members working committee after everyone sends in their official response.

In attendance at the meeting:

Gawin Chutima
President, Bird Conservation Society of Thailand

Andrew Sebastain
Head of Communications, Malaysian Nature Society

Dr. Charles Cheng
President, Chinese Wild Bird Federation

Michael Lu
President, Wild Bird Club of the Philippines

Judy Ou
Executive Supervisor, Wild Bird Society of Taipei

Willy Foo
Head of Bird Group, Nature Society of Singapore