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Memo 2 - March 25, 2010

Memorandum to: Gawin Chutime, Bird Conservation Society of Thailand
Dr. Charles Cheng, Chinese Wild Bird Federation
Andrew Sebastian, Malaysian Nature Society
Willie Foo, Nature Society of Singapore
Judy Ou, Wild Bird Society of Taipei

From: Mr. Michael Lu, President - Wild Bird Club of the Philippines

Date: March 25, 2010

Subject: The 1st Asian Bird Fair

Representatives of the Bird Conservation Society of Thailand, Chinese Wild Bird Federation, Malaysian Nature Society, Nature Society of Singapore, Wild Bird Club of the Philippines had agreed in principle to establish, support and promote an annual Asian Bird Fair. One other founding organization, the Wild Bird Society of Taipei was not present at the meeting.

The representatives were attending the 11th Raptor Watch Week at the PNB Ilham Resort at Tanjung Tuan, Melaka, Malaysia and met on 14 March 2010 to finalize the draft agreement initially discussed during the 9th Thailand Birdwatching Fair in November 2009 .

The objective of the regional fair will be to promote friendship among Asian bird clubs, enabling them to help each other promote birdwatching as an eco-tourism activity and to share best practices and support environmental conservation. Additionally, the Asian Bird Fair will promote the host city – it’s natural beauty, eco-adventure activities and cultural heritage.

The Asian Bird Fair will be held annually in a different city and will take place in conjunction with the club’s/society’s bird fair/festival/race. Where possible, the host club will identify and champion a local/regional environmental cause to be determined and supported by the participating organizations.

The representatives also agreed on the minimum requirements for an organization to host the Asian Bird Fair. Details are indicated in the document, Agreement establishing the Asian Bird Fair.

The representatives agreed that the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines will host the 1st Asian Bird Fair in Davao City on September 23-26, 2010 with the Chinese Wild Bird Federation hosting the 2nd Asian Bird Fair in Tainan City in 2011.

The Wild Bird Club of the Philippines is partnering with the Philippine Eagle Foundation and the City Government of Davao to host the 1st Asian Bird Fair. Furthermore the Philippines’ National Ecotourism Council, held jointly by the Department of Tourism and the Department of Environment, has committed to support the bird fair by sponsoring a familiarization tour to different birdwatching sites for bird tour operators from the Australasian region. The tour operators will also take part in the bird fair to give other participating birdwatching organizations in the region an opportunity to promote their birdwatching destinations as well.

In attendance at the meeting:

Gawin Chutima
President, Bird Conservation Society of Thailand

Andrew Sebastian
Head of Communications, Malaysian Nature Society

Rafi Kudus
Chairman, Bird Conservation Group
Malaysian Nature Society

Dr. Charles Cheng
President, Chinese Wild Bird Federation

Victor Yu
Secretary General, Chinese Wild Bird Federation

Michael Lu
President, Wild Bird Club of the Philippines

Willy Foo
Head of Bird Group, Nature Society of Singapore