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Memo 5 - October 16, 2011

ABF Expanded Meeting
Oct. 16, 2011
Taijiang National Park, Tainan City, Taiwan

WBCP (Wild Bird Club of the Philippines) - Mike Lu, Anna Gonzales
CWBF (Chinese Wild Bird Federation) - Victor Yu, Charles Cheng, Brad Huang, Elva Hsu
WBST (Wild Bird Society of Taipei) – James Juan, David Ho
MNS (Malaysia Nature Society) – Chang Kai Soon
BCST (Bird Conservation Society of Thailand) – Amorn Liukeeratiyutkul, Maliwan Sopha
NSS (Nature Society of Singapore) - Willie Foo
Xiamen Birdwatching Society – Lin Tze
Beijing Birdwatching Society – Fu Jian Ping
BANCA(Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Association) – Thiri Htin Hla
FOGSL(Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka) – Kusum Kumar
Burung Indonesia – Diah Yuliastuti Puspitasari
Hong Kong Bird Watching Society – Wendy Yu
Haribon Foundation – Je-el Constantino-Ong

Group photo of all the delegates to the 2nd Asian Bird Fair - Tainan

On the afternoon of October 16, a meeting was held for other organizations that participated at the 2nd ABF including Hong Kong Birdwatching Society, Xiamen Bird Watching Society, Beijing Bird Watching Society, Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Association (BANCA), Sri Lanka, Haribon Foundation, Burung Indonesia.

The concept of the ABF was briefly introduced to these organizations and a video of the 1st Asian Bird Fair – Davao was shown.

The representative from Xiamen Bird Watching Society immediately volunteered to host the ABF in 2016. Explaining that they host two events annually and that one event called the Love the Birds Week celebrated in mid-March every year can be highlighted as the ABF. Moreover he requested that the requirements for hosting the ABF be provided to him. There will be national elections next year and he can bring it up with the newly-elected mayor to incorporate the ABF as part of their 5-year plan. Mr. Lin Tze also acceded to requests for Xiamen to participate in the different bird fairs held in the region.

The representative from Beijing asked about the organizational structure of the ABF and how to present it to higher authorities in case they would be hosting the ABF. Sri Lanka also informed the group that their organization may be interested to host the 2017 Asian Bird Fair. However he needs to bring back the idea for the last decision from the big boss of FOGSL, Mr. Kotagama.

HKBWS lauded the founding of the ABF and hoped that they can host the ABF in the near future.

Burung Indonesia also hoped a bird fair can be happened in Indonesia some day.

BANCA acknowledged that they cannot host the ABF anytime soon but hoped that they will be able to do so within the next ten years.

Haribon offered to assist the WBCP in case the ABF will be held in the Philippines again and is willing to cooperate with WBCP on PBF.

Upon further consultation with Andrew Sebastian, head of communications of the Malaysian Nature Society and Wild Bird Society of Taipei President Juan and Executive Director David Ho, it was mutually agreed on November 5, 2011 (during the 13th Taipei Bird watching Fair) that WBST will host the 4th Asian Bird Fair during the Taipei International Birdwatching Fair in October 2013 to coincide with the 40th anniversary of their society. MNS will then host the 5th Asian Bird Fair in Tanjung Tuan, Malaysia on March 2014.

Nature Society (Singapore) is still committed to host the 6th Asian Bird Fair in September 2015.

Xiamen Birdwatching Society (XBS) has shown interest to host the 7th Asian Bird Fair in March 2016 and the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka (FOGSL) to host the 8th Asian Bird Fair in 2017.

Both XBS and FOGSL are non-founding members of the ABF. They will be informed of the basic requirements for hosting the ABF and will be encouraged to join as many bird fairs in the region as possible.