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Memo 6 - November 9, 2012

A Asian Bird Festival Organizers Meeting
November 9, 2012
Bay Hotel Suvarnabhumi Airport

Attendance: Amorn Liukeratiyutkul, Gawin Chutima, Willie Foo, SP Ong, Charles Lim, Richard, James Juan, Mike Lu

1. BCST's experience

  • 3ABF got sponsorship from the Tourism Authority of Thailand and other private entities
  • Mike suggested that other organizations look for similar sponsors in their respective countries
2. Invitations (by country)
  • China
    • Several groups were invited this year and had initially shown positive response but none of them made it
    • Charles said the elections in China may have something to do with their absence; Xiamen group might also be busy with the environmental assessment they have been asked to do for the new international airport
    • It's more difficult for people of China to go out of the country--it will take three months at least if going to Taiwan--so early invitations to next year's ABF is important
  • Korea
    • No representatives
    • Amorn met the president of a bird club there and they might join next year
  • India and Bombay
    • Mike said there are many birding societies there but they have no federation body
    • Amorn said the India rep in Birdlife is a conservation person and is probably not into birdwatching
    • Bombay was invited but did not send a representative
  • Nepal and Myanmar
    • Amorn said that Nepal and Myanmar delegates were invited at the Birdlife meetings, so they were able to come
  • Japan
    • They only attend the Taiwan festival Group that attended this year are not from WBSJ; they were invited through personal networks
  • Cambodia
    • No bird club, just tour groups
Decision points
  • ABF host country will have priority to invite China bird clubs (they can't accept all invitations due to travel fund shortages)
  • While China should not be neglected, ABF must also allot resources to inviting other countries in Asia
  • Invite non-founder countries to join so that someday they will want to host the ABF themselves without having to be asked
  • Post-event evaluations must be done so lessons learned can be passed on to the next host and to avoid reinventing the wheel
  • ABF founders must find time to meet every ABF; Meeting with non-founder organizations must also be held to gather their feedback
  • Discuss schedule of bird fairs across the region--ABF host country has the prerogative to set the date first before all the other bird festivals
  • ABF highlights cities, not countries, so political tensions can be avoided
  • Prerogative of host country to include ecotourism groups, like what is done in the UK bird fair