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Bird Fair Schedule

Schedule from September 23-26, 2010

September 22, - Wednesday

Delegates arriving in Manila will be welcomed at the airport by the DOT.
They will be booked at the Orchid Garden Suites or their choice of hotel on their own account.

Delegates arriving in Davao will be booked at the Grand Men Seng Hotel or their choice of hotel on their own account.

September 23 - Thursday

Arrival of delegates in Davao
City Tourism representatives will welcome delegates at the airport and will provide transfers to Waterfront Insular Hotel. Check-in at Waterfront Insular Hotel at own convenience.

1800 Depart for Matina Town Square
1900 Welcome Dinner by Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte

Welcome Dinner Program
1800-1830 Registration & Cocktails
1845 Philippine National Anthem
1850 Welcome Remarks by Davao City Tourism Council
1900 Acknowledgement of Special Guests & Sponsors
1930 Dinner
1945 Welcome Remarks by Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte
2000 Introduction on the bird festival
2010 Introduction of organizations participating in the bird fest
2040 Announcement for delegates
2100 Depart for Hotel

• include special cultural numbers courtesy of Davao City Mayor’s office
• City Mayor’s office free to change program in consultation with the WBCP

September 24 - Friday

0600-0800 Breakfast
0800-0930 Viewing of exhibits/coloring/face-painting
0930-1000 Opening Ceremonies
Opening Ceremonies Program
Philippine National Anthem
Parade of Colors
Panata sa Kalikasan/Pledge to Mother Nature
Opening Remarks by Festival Chair Alice Villa-Real
Message of Support from Team Energy President & CEO Federico Puno
Welcome Remarks by Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte
Acknowledgement of sponsors
Program for Grades 4-6 students
1000-1015 Birding Basics with Alice Villa-Real & Arnel Telesforo
1015-1030 Interactive Learning Experience with Dr Bo Puentespina
1030-1200 Bird Quest contest
1100-1130 Beach Walk – exploring the tidal flats (selected students)
1200-1330 Lunch at festival venue
1300-1400 Viewing of exhibits
Program for High School students
1400-1430 Beach Walk –exploring the tidal flats (selected students)
1400-1415 Birding Basics with Alice Villa-Real & Arnel Telesforo
1415-1430 Interactive Learning Experience with Dr Bo Puentespina
1445-1530 Bird Quest contest
1630 Festival closes
1800 Depart for Dinner
1830 Fellowship Dinner by Primer Group
Café El Gato Place, Dizon Compound
Simultaneous lecture at Lawin function room
0800-0930 The Cove – film showing
1000-1045 Philippine Wild Bird Photography Inc
Bird photography basics
1100-1145 Bird Conservation Society of Thailand
Gawin Chutima: Birdwatching in Thailand
1300-1315 Avian Archipelago film-showing
1330-1415 Bird Conservation Nepal
Dr. Hum Gurung : Exploring the unexplored ecotourism product in the
Protected Areas of Nepal
1430-1515 Chinese Wild Bird Federation
President Charles Cheng: Birdwatching with High Technology
1530-1615 Borneo Bird Club
Chairman Cede Prudente: Birds of Borneo
September 25- Saturday

0800 Bird Fair opens
0845-0900 University of Southeastern Philippines, Friends of the Philippine Eagle Club
Enviro-cultural dance
0900-0930 Identify the Bird
0930-1000 WWF talk on forest conservation
Ruel Bate: The air we breathe and the wood we love
1000-1100 Art Workshop with Robert Alejandro
1100-1130 Identify the Bird
1100-1130 Beach Walk for selected students

***Simultaneous lecture at function rooms
0815-0830 Avian Archipelago film-showing
0845-0945 Philippine Eagle Foundation
The Philippine Eagle and Climate Change
1000-1045 Asian Raptor Research & Conservation Network
Lim Kim Chye : Raptor migration in Asia, with reference to the Philippines
1100-1145 Hornbill Research Foundation
Dr. Vijak Chimchome: An overview of hornbill research and conservation
In Thailand
1130-1300 Lunch
1330-1700 Conservation Forum at the Kalaw Room, Waterfront Insular Hotel
(see next page for program details)
1330-1400 Identify the Bird
1400-1430 Beach Walk for selected students
1400-1500 Open Classroom Project Demo
1500-1600Agila Support Team, Isang Galaw (ASTIG volunteers) story-telling “Fly, Malaya Fly !”
1600-1630 Identify the Bird
1630 Asian Bird Fair ends
1630-1830 Egress
1830 -1900 Depart for Turnover Dinner at Grand Men Seng Hotel

Turn-over Dinner hosted Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Taiwan
Mont Claire Ballroom, Grand Men Seng Hotel

1930 -1935 Opening Remarks by Asian Bird Fair Founding Member Gawin Chutima (Bird Conservation Society of Thailand)
1935-1940 Congratulatory Message from Oriental Bird Club Chair Bryan Sykes
1940-1945 Group photo of all the founding members
1945 -1950 Announcement and Acceptance of Turnover - Dr. Charles Cheng (Chinese Wild Bird Federation)
1950-1955 Message of Support from TECO Representative Donald C. T. Lee
1950 - 2030 Dinner
2030 - 2040 Announcement for delegates
2100 Depart for Waterfront Hotel

September 25 (continued)

Conservation Forum schedule
1300-1330 Arrival and Registration
1330-1345 Opening Remarks by WBCP President Michael Lu
1345-1400 Highlights of past conservation forum and objective of this forum by WBCP VP Anna Gonzales (facilitator)
1400-1420 Current Status of Philippine Birds by WBCP Records Committee Chair Arne Jensen
1425-1445 Issues related to direct persecution of the Philippine Eagle by PEF Executive Director Dennis Salvador
1450-1510 Implications of the gaps in knowledge and gaps in conservation action by FFI Country Representative Aldrin Mallari
1510-1600 Reaction from selected delegates (3 reactors @ 10-12 minutes each)
1600-1640 Open Forum
1640-1700 Synthesis and Closing by Atty Ipat Luna, WBCP Conservation Committee

*** A highlight of every Philippine Bird Festival is the Conservation Forum. This year, cutting edge conservation strategies will be discussed in response to continuing threats to birds like hunting, loss of forests and wetlands, illegal selling of wildlife and climate change. Because this year is also the First Asian Bird Fair, international delegates will share their own strategies to address conservation issues and find common ground in protecting the birds of the region.

The WBCP also uses the forum as a chance to present updates of the country's bird records -- the latest and rarest sightings. This is a scientifically important collection of data from amateur birdwatchers of great interest to local and international communities.

September 26 – Sunday

0430 Breakfast
0500 Checkout
0530 Depart for Philippine Eagle Center
0700 Birdwatching and tour of Philippine Eagle Center
1000 Lunch at Philippine Eagle Center
1300 Depart for Eden Garden Resort
1400 Arrive and check-in at Eden Garden Resort
1900 Farewell Dinner

September 27 – Monday

Depart for Manila
Depart for post-festival birdwatching trips

1630-1700 Synthesis and Closing by Dr. Aldrin Mallari