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Title of Project: A Survey on the Threatened and Endemic Birds of Mt.Hapon-Haponan in Southern Negros Oriental, Philippines

Proponent: Abner A. Bucol
Negros Oriental State University, Dumaguete City

Inclusive Dates: May 5-8, 2008

Deadline for report submission: May 20, 2008


Mt. Hapon-haponon in Mantikil, Siaton is home to various bird species threatened to global extinction. During my first visit there last May 20-23, 2007 I recorded the following species: Negros Bleeding Heart Pigeon Gallicolumba keayi, Negros Striped-babbler Stachyris nigrorum, White-throated Jungle-Flycatcher Rhinomyias albigularis, Walden's Hornbill Aceros waldeni, and Visayan Tarictic Hornbill Penelopides panini. The Pink-bellied Imperial Pigeon (Near Treatened) and several Negros-Panay endemic subspecies were also noted as common there. However, deforestation due to shifting agriculture or kaingin and hunting further threaten the birds in this mountain. Additionally, aside from my first survey, no other recent work has been done on the inventory of avifaunal species in the area.

This project aims to:

1. Determine the bird species known as globally threatened to extinction as well as the Negros endemic subtaxa occurring in Mt. Hapon-haponan;
2. Determine their status in the said locality; and
3. Document anthropogenic activities that can seriously affect the avifaunal species of this massif.

Output/Outcome/Results expected:

The results of this activity will be published in a refereed journal (e.g. Silliman Journal of Silliman University) with both local and international readership. In addition, the investigator will also seek bigger grant/fund to continue undertake the project.

Budget required - Amount (Php)

Personnel Services
Porter fee(Php 200.00 x 3 days) 600

Vehicle rental (Php 1000.00) 1000.00
Gasoline (500 x 2) 1000.00

Food rations (Php 100 x 3 persons x 6 meals) 1800.00

Total Php 4,400.00

Source of other funds:

1. Threatened Species Program of Haribon Foundation (for other field supplies)
2. Rene Vendiola Botanical Garden, Liptong Bacong, Negros Oriental (for guide fee, additional porter fee, tent, etc.)