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Josef Sagemuller's Email Appeal

Dear Members of Birdwatch Philippines and Friends of the Environment!

My name is Josef and I am an avid lover of the environment. In the past years I have been engaged in bird conservation work with our local NFEFI (Negros Forest Ecological Foundation)and have spent a lot of time, resources and effort in trying to provide a safe and healthy environment for birds and other animals.

Consequently I had the shock of my life whilst browsing Google for bird information yesterday. An innocuous looking link popped up in the search results and it took a while for the header to sink in : "The Bacolod Air Rifle Hunting Club". My curiosity being piqued I decided to click the link and do some exploratory browsing with a bit of a heavy feeling in my stomach, but nothing could have prepared me for the Quarry (are birds rocks???) and Photos section of this ghastly website. It was like being stabbed through the heart, hundreds of hundreds of massacred doves of all kinds, mallards. whistling ducks and snipes. It was unbelievable seeing all this. One man in the pictures you will see has more dead ducks around his neck than i have ever seen in the wild. This is a screaming injustice and DECIDEDLY ILLEGAL. I am very intent on getting the media and the public to focus on this issue as these "hunters" have apparently been doing this for quite some time and in the process been reducing the already dwindling wild populations of these beautiful endemic birds to alarming proportions. The two of us alone cannot achieve much but if we all work together perhaps we may be able to create enough attention to shame these murderers into stopping this wholesale massacre and bring the responsible felons to justice.

I would like to request of you to save the webpage before it gets shut down and spread the link and this email to the press and any friends who you may have who could help make this outrageous "clubs" activities public. The resulting stir may be enough to force our government into action and bring these criminals to justice.

Your help or advice in any form would be very much appreciated!

Josef M. Sagemuller

The links are as follow:

kindly also browse the guestbook for some interesting you can see the repercussions of this site are GLOBAL.