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Letter of PNSA President Arturo Macapagal to PAWB Director Mundita Lim

January 18, 2008

Director Mundita S. Lim, DVM
Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau
Deaprtment of Environment and Natural Resources
Quezon Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

Dear Director Lim,

We thank you for the invitation to a meeting this afternoon. Unfortunately, due to previously set appointment, we are unable to attend.

Allow us however to clarify that the Philippine National Shooting Association, unlike perhaps other shooting association does not include hunting as part of its program or activities. The primary mission of our Association, an affiliated member of the Philippine Olympic Committee and the International Shooting Sport Federation, is to promote target shooting as a wholesome sport. Our rifle and shotgun events are in fact substitute activities to hunting.

It is unfortunate that the Philippine National Shooting Association, has been dragged into the issue of bird hunting and wildlife protection because of media reference to certain hunters being members of our Association.

We enclose a copy of the statement issued by the members of our Association who were referred to, explaining their involvement in the issue.

As an affirmative action, we shall remind our members to be aware and mindful of the need to protect our wildlife and environment, as responsible gun owners and citizens.

Very truly yours,

Arturo R. Macapagal

Statement from Tet Lara, Jade and Mike de Guzman

The pictures in question were taken from a defunct spoof website from last year. It was not meant to be viewed seriously as it clearly stated "there was an expedition with Kumander Robot in Abu Sayyaf Territory", which is obviously fake. These photos are being circulated, not by us, but by some unknown group or groups wanting to blame the decline of bird population on someone.

We never stated that we shot the birds - the birds were already dead upon our arrival. Its true that dead birds and people posing with shotguns were in the same picture, and does not look good. Admittedly, this was a poor judgment call.

However, to say that the Philippine Team shot down near-endangered birds by merely looking at these photos, is jumping to conclusions.

Again, we want to apologize to those offended by the bad-taste photos and the portrayal of the > misconcepcion that its OK to shoot philippine ducks. It is NOT OK. We wish to promote our CLAY SHOOTING sport as an alternative to shooting birds, since it is clearly illegal in the Philippines.