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WBCP 2010 Annual Report

Membership – 257

Mayor's Welcome Dinner the 1st asian Bird Fair in Davao
Mayor's Welcome Dinner the
1st asian Bird Fair in Davao
Mayor's Welcome Dinner the 1st asian Bird Fair in Davao
WBCP members and delegates having fun
at the Philippine Eagle Center

Club membership reached 251 regular members and 6 associate members this year. With most members based in Metro Manila, there are 49 other members throughout the Philippines: Ilocos Norte (2), Benguet (1), La Union (2), Nueva Ecija (3), Pampanga (1), Bataan (2), Bulacan (3), Rizal (3), Cavite (6), Batangas (1), Laguna (6), Quezon (4), Oriental Mindoro (1), Palawan (3), Camarines Sur (1), Cebu (3), Bohol (1), Negros Occidental (3), Negros Oriental (2), Camiguin (1). While 32 overseas members are based in United States (8), Singapore (7), United Kingdom (6), Hong Kong (4), Indonesia (2), Japan (1), Taiwan (1), Switzerland (1), Belgium (1), and Canada (1).

The non-Filipino members are led by Americans (13) followed closely by the British (10), Singaporean (4), Dane (2), German (2), and one member from each of the following nationalities: Australian, Belgian, Czech, Dutch, French, Norwegian, Spanish, Taiwanese.


Guided Trip – 19

Mayor's Welcome Dinner the 1st asian Bird Fair in Davao
Regular guided trips are held
at the Coastal Lagoon in Paranaque
Mayor's Welcome Dinner the 1st asian Bird Fair in Davao
WBCP birders with Portuguese birder Paolo Paixao
at Mt Palay-Palay National Park

Guided birdwatching trips in Metro Manila were mostly held at the Coastal Lagoon (Paranaque), and University of the Philippines (Quezon City) however there were also special guided trips to Mt Makiling (Laguna), Caliraya (Laguna), Mt Palay-Palay (Cavite), Candaba Marsh (Pampanga), Subic Bay (Bataan), Anvaya Cove (Bataan), Sampaloc Lake (Laguna), Nuvali (Laguna).

Aside from the public guided trips, there are increasingly more requests from private groups some of these groups are students of Anthropology and Journalism (University of the Philippines), the Manila Concert Chorus and the Museum Volunteers of the Philippines. We also conducted trips for visiting Portuguese birder Paolo Paixao and American birders Tom Johnson, Tom Dodge, Cathy and Jay Dia.

Club Trip – 32

Club members regularly organize trips to nearby birdwatching sites. Within Metro Manila, the sites visited are the Coastal Lagoon (Paranaque), Nayong Pilipino (Pasay), American War Memorial (Taguig). Day trips to nearby sites include Candaba Marsh (Pampanga), Subic Bay (Bataan), Tarclac EcoPark (Tarlac), Ipo Dam (Bulacan), Wawa Dam (Rizal), Mapua Farm (Batangas), Mt. Malarayat (Batangas), Mt. Makiling (Laguna), Villa Escudero (Quezon).

Mayor's Welcome Dinner the 1st asian Bird Fair in Davao
Birders at Team Energy in Sual (Pangasinan)

The Club has also been invited to visit Orchard Golf and Country Club (Cavite), Team Energy Corporation’s power plants in Pagbilao (Quezon) and Sual (Pangasinan) and 1st Gas power plant in Sta. Rita (Batangas). Ford Philippines also sponsored a trip to Mt. Palay-Palay (Cavite) by providing 4 vehicles with gas.

Club members along with personnel from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources took part in the annual Asian Waterbird Census in the following sites: San Juan (Batangas), Candaba (Pampanga), Balanga (Bataan), Lake Paoay (Ilocos Norte), Pagbilao (Quezon). Among the sites, the Balanga wetlands led the count with more than 18,679 birds recorded.

The Club continued to monitor the raptor migration at the Pag-Asa Observatory in Tanay (Rizal). Four trips were conducted for the spring migration and two trips for the autumn migration. The most number of raptors counted in one day is 3,513 birds (led by Chinese Goshawks at 2,792) on April 4.

Club in the News

The Club was featured in a number of news articles, TV programs and including radio programs.

WBCP members with ABS CBN news program Bandila
staff at the Coastal Lagoon (Paranaque).

Balanga birdwatching site attracts visitors by Mar Supnad on the February 1 issue of the Manila Bulletin, The Pleasure of Birdwatching by Vince Lopez of Manila Bulletin on February 20, PWU Balanga campus officials see growth of Philippine tourism by Butch Gunio of Business Mirror on March 10, Follow That Bird by Elvira Mata featured bird guide Nicky Icarangal on the Philippine Daily Inquirer on May 22. Travel blogger Anton Diaz featured Birdwatching trip with the boys in Nuvali on his popular site, Our Awesome Planet on May 11.

Birdwatching was the feature on the January 20 episode of GMA-7’s Born to be Wild titled Keeping Birds in the Wild, Eco Travel of Studio 23 also featured the Club on February 23, while ABS-CBN’s evening news program Bandila tackled migratory birds at the Coastal Lagoon on November 3. DZUP 1602AM radio program host Crysta Rara of Kuwentuhang Pets atbp. interviewed Mike Lu on November 11.

Conservation and other issues

Maia Tanedo being interviewed for GMA news
program 24 Oras in Mt. Palay-Palay (Cavite)

The draining of the main pond during the migration period in Candaba was the main topic of the interview with Arne Jensen on ‘Holocaust’ feared in Candaba bird haven by Tonette Orejas of the Philippine Daily Inquirer on April 13. Agence France Press also tackled conservation issues on Olango Island with an interview with Nilo Arribas on April 30 with the article Migratory bird sanctuary threatened in the Philippines .

The ongoing road construction cutting through the last remaining forest in Mt. Palay-Palay National Park with Jon Villasper and Maia Tanedo as resource person was featured on GMA’s news program 24 Oras on August 29. Anna Valmero interviewed Fred Ochavo for Filipino environmentalist works for ‘green’ future of Ipo Dam for the on August 17.

Migratory birds and the threat of avian flu was the main topic of the interview by Ces Drilon with Mike Lu as one of the resource persons on ANC’s The Rundown on November 30. While the possibility of bird strikes at the Manila International Airport was the topic on the raido program Susan na, Arnel pa on DZBB 594 kHz and on GMA news program 24 Oras. E-Dyario, online Philippine news in Spanish featured the turtle-release activities attended by WBCP members in Morong in the article El pueblo costero de Morong, santuario de tortugas verdes by Monica Rodriquez on December 3.

Asian Waterbird Census – Balanga ( Bataan )

The census in Balanga City was the subject of Philippines vital for survival of migratory birds by Anna Valmero that appeared on January 11 on the it was accompanied by a video, Bird census held in 3 Bataan wetland sites Inquirer video on January 12 by Anna Valmero. Manila Times published More migratory birds found in Balanga City on January 12 and Net 25’s morning show Homepage featured the census on January 19.

Asian Waterbird Census – Candaba (Pampanga)

The Bean Goose that showed up in Candaba
was the first country record as reported and
photographed here by Alex Loinaz.

The rare appearance of the Mallard and the Grey-headed Lapwing was reported by Tonnette Orejas of the Philippine Daily Inquirer on New migratory birds seen in Candaba on January 14 with a follow-up article on first country record of the Bean Goose, Bird from Europe finds home in Candaba on April 3.

The drop in the number of waterbirds during the census were written in the articles, Hunting, area conversion ‘decrease’ migratory birds on Sun Star Pampanga by Jovi de Leon dated January 19, and two features by Anna Valmero on namely, Protecting the birds on January 20 and Hunting, land conversion woes threaten bird sanctuary on January 21. The census was also covered by Balitaan on CLTV 36 on January 18 and on the Business Mirror by Liling Briones on January 18.

Philippine Eagle Week and 1st Asian Bird Fair

Balanga City Mayor Joet Garcia turns over the hosting
of the bird festival to Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte

The 1st Asian Bird Fair had a soft launching to the general public during the Philippine Eagle Week and a formal launching during the opening ceremonies of Kadayawan. These twin events generated a good number of articles. Some of these were Two major events set to promote birdwatching by Robin Alisa of Mindanao Times on May 6, Davao hosts 1st Asian Bird fair on May 7 at the Manila Bulletin, Davao soon to be Asian birdwatcher’s paradise on the May 17 issue of the Sun Star Davao, Eagle Week and it’s one week of fun on the June 15 issue of Ang Dabawenyo by Stella Estremera and PEF Davao launches art workshop on birds and nature released on June 13 by Jessie Casalda of the Philippine News Agency.

The official press release for the 1st Asian Bird Fair came out on the Inquirer on September 15 while a number of articles were written about the event held from September 24-25. Among these articles were Davao City hosts Asian Bird fair and Philippine bird fest by Ian Garcia of the Mindanao Times on September 23, Birdwatchers flock to Davao by Germelina Lacorte of the Mindanao Mirror on September 27, Hong Kong and Shanghai tourists swarm Asian Bird fair in Davao on the Mindanao Gold Star Daily on September 27, Davao students learn about conservation in 1st Asian Bird fair by’s Anna Valmero on September 27, Despite travel ban Hong Kong birdwatchers attend bird fair also by Anna Valmero for Net on September 27 and Davao to promote ecotourism on the Manila Bulletin on October 12.

Peso bill controversy

WBCP founding member Jon Villasper’s comment on the wrong color of the bill and tail of the Blue-naped Parrot featured on the new P 500 peso bill and other errors was the main subject of Errors found in new peso bill by Cecil Morella of the Agence France Press on December 19. The next day, the news item found its way into TV and radio news programs and major newspapers. ABS-CBN News reported BSP urged to redesign new peso bills while Candice Montenegro of GMA News filed this report Scientific names on new peso bills written incorrectly and Michelle Remo of the Philippine Daily Inquirer came out with Error-filled peso bill sparks uproar.

On the same day, December 20, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas came out with conflicting interviews with the following articles: Philippines defends error-filled peso notes with the Agence France Press, BSP open to criticism on erroneous banknotes as reported by Jesse Edep on GMA News and BSP to correct next batch of new peso bills also on GMANews. The Philippine President response was reported by Jam Sisante on GMA News with the report Aquino to critics of new peso bill: our money is not a map and by Willard Cheng of ABS CBN News, Malacanang washes hands of new money errors.

Club Activities

Desmond Allen lecture – January 23

Visiting WBCP Desmond Allen gave a presentation at the Villa-Real residence on the results of a survey of nocturnal migrant birds at Dalton Pass (Nueva Ecija) held from October 2009-January 2010 as part of surveys for the Streaked Reed Warbler. Not a single warbler was caught but a total 116 bird species was recorded, of which 43 species were numbered among nocturnal migrants. The survey was conducted under joint agreement with the Wetland Trust and the Department of Environment & Natural Resources in collaboration with the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines.

Club Anniversary – July 10

Mayor's Welcome Dinner the 1st asian Bird Fair in Davao
Newly-elected Execom officers: Mike Lu, Mel Tan,
Jon Villasper, Kitty Aspelin, Anna Gonzales.
Not in photo is Arnel Telesforo.
Mayor's Welcome Dinner the 1st asian Bird Fair in Davao
Arne Jensen discussing bird records with Tim Fisher (right)

The Club’s 7th year anniversary was celebrated on July 10 with a General Assembly at the Metro Club in Makati. Founding member Ricky de Castro started the program with an inspirational speech followed by the annual report of Club activities by Mike Lu. Records Committee chair Arne Jensen reported on the work and challenges of the committee as well as new records and unusual bird sightings. The Election Committee composed of Ipat Luna, Alex Tiongco and Felix Servita announced the results of the elections: Mike Lu (president), Anna Gonzales (vice-president), Kitty Aspelin (secretary), Mel Tan (treasurer), Arnel Telesforo & Jon Villasper. Special guests of the evening were Balanga City Mayor Joet Garcia and his wife Isabel, and writer Ross Harper-Alonso. The program was hosted by Kitty Aspelin, Anna Gonzales and James Asprer. More than 80 members attended the anniversary party which was also the last Club activity participated by Tim Fisher.

Christmas Party – December 12

The annual Christmas party held at the Arce residence started in the afternoon with a silent auction of assorted items donated by members. Club merchandise such as books, binoculars and stickers were also sold. An unusual bingo game organized by Jops Josef and Maia Tandeo which involved getting to know different birdwatchers was eagerly taken part by the members. Over 70 members attended the party including Charlie & Cathy Gapuz Te (La Union), Linda Gocon (Pampanga), Leni Sutcliffe, Ruben Bala (Cavite), Abner Bucol (Negros Oriental), Helly & Adrian Asoy (Leyte).

Activities outside the Club

Raptor Watch 2010 Malaysia – 3/13-14

Group photo withparticipating foreign
delegates at Raptor Watch 2010

Alex Tiongco, Tere Cervero, Mark Villa and Mike Lu represented the WBCP during the 10th Raptor Watch Week organized by the Malaysian Nature Society held at the Ilham resort in Tanjung Tuan. The event highlights the spring migration of raptors passing through the Straits of Melaka. The WBCP booth provided coloring activities for the kids as well as information about birdwatching in the Philippines. Mike Lu gave a video presentation featuring Philippine endemic bird species and showed the rich diversity of Philippine avian fauna by highlighting plumage differences in even the most common bird species found in both the Philippines and Malaysia.

The founding members of the Asian Bird Fair also met to formalize the agreement to hold an annual Asian Bird Fair that would hosted by a different bird club every time. WBCP elected to host the 1st Asian Bird Fair in Davao City in September of the same year.

Earth Day at Arroceros Forest Park– 4/18

Mayor's Welcome Dinner the 1st asian Bird Fair in Davao
Mayor's Welcome Dinner the 1st asian Bird Fair in Davao

The Club was invited by the Winner Foundation to participate at the Earth Day celebration held at the Arroceros Forest Park on April 18. WBCP members Fred Ochavo, Karen Ochavo and Mike Lu organized a coloring contest for students and street children from the Virlanie Foundation. Other booths sold flowers and plants, used clothing, pastries and used clothing.

Earth Day at Villa Escudero - 4/25

Club members celebrated Earth Day at Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort (Tiaong, Quezon Province) with a birdwatching activity for children of the resort staff. The resort came up with a one-hour cultural dance program highlighting bird-inspired dances of the different indigenous tribes in the Philippines. The Club set-up a coloring section for kids where Club merchandise such as bird stickers, t-shirts and books were also sold.


Philippine Eagle Week – 6/12

Members of the Wild Bird Club attended the Gala Night of Philippine Eagle Week held at SM Davao. The event was held to show appreciation to friends and supporters of the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF). PEF also appointed Kim Atienza as the Philippine Eagle ambassador. In observance of Philippine Independence Day, guests were requested to dress in Filipiniana attire. Members present were Tere Cervero, Alex Tiongco, Kitty Aspelin, Mel Tan, Ixi Mapua, Mikeli Mapua, James Asprer, Tinggay Cinco, and Mike Lu.




Asian Bird Fair launching - 6/13 & 8/20

A preview of the Asian Bird Fair was held at the atrium of the NCCC Mall on June 13 through activities such as origami-folding, coloring and film-showing.

WBCP members during the bird fair preview at the NCCC Mall
WBCP members during the bird fair preview at the NCCC Mall
Leading the Kadayawan festivities (L-R) Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, Balanga City Mayor Joet Garcia, WBCP President Mike Lu, Philippine agle Foundation Executive Director Dennis Salvador
Leading the Kadayawan festivities (L-R) Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, Balanga City Mayor Joet Garcia, WBCP President Mike Lu, Philippine agle Foundation Executive Director Dennis Salvador

On August 30, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte formally announced the hosting of the 1st Asian Bird Fair during the Opening Ceremonies of the annual Kadayawan and also held a press conference at the City Hall. The event was attended by Balanga City Mayor Joet Garcia, host of last year’s bird festival, as he turned over the hosting responsibilities to the Davao city. WBCP members and Philippine Eagle Foundation representatives were also on hand to witness the turnover.

1st Asian Bird Fair/6th Philippine Bird Festival – September 24-26

The 6th Philippine Bird Festival was selected to host the 1st Asian Bird Fair in Davao City on September 24-26, 2011. Founding members of the Asian Bird Fair are Bird Conservation Society of Thailand, Chinese Wild Bird Federation, Malaysian Nature Society, Nature Society Singapore , Wild Bird Society of Taipei and the WBCP. The co-organizers are the Philippine Eagle Foundation and the City of Davao .

Davao City hosted a rousing Welcome Dinner at the Matina Town Square led by Mayor Sara Duterte with a one-hour dance program featuring the a hundred dancers representing Davao ’s different cultural festivals.

The 2-day bird fair held at the gardens of the Waterfront Insular Hotel was launched by Davao City Administrator Lyca Lopez and Team Energy President Freddie Puno. Guests included Dutch Ambassador Robert Brinks, EU Ambassador Alistair MacDonald, Alaminos City Mayor Nani Braganza, PAWB Director Mundita Lim.

More than 6000 students attended the bird fair that featured more than 30 exhibitors including Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network, Bird Conservation Nepal, Biodiversity and Nature Conservationm Association (Myanmar), Borneo Bird Club, Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, Hornbill Research Foundation (Thailand), Oriental Bird Club (UK), Shanghai Wild Bird Society, Wild Bird Society of Tainan, Wetland Trust, Birding Adventure Philippines, Conservation International, Earth Island Institute, Isla Biodiversity Conservation, Katala Foundation, Kaakbay, Malagos Garden, Philippine Bat Conservation, Philippine Wild Bird Photographers, Philippine Association of Wildlife Veterinarians, My Zoo Foundation, Surigao Adventure Specialists, WWF-Philippines, City of Alaminos (Pangasinan), City of Balanga (Bataan), Municipality of Candaba (Pampanga).

Aside from the exhibits, there were lectures, cultural presentations, games, as well as coloring, origami-folding, face painting and on-site birdwatching by the beach. At the Conservation Forum, WBCP Records Committee chair presented the updated checklist of Philippine birds while PEF gave a talk on the status of the Philippine Eagle.

WBCP members during the bird fair preview at the NCCC Mall
Arne Jensen at the Conservation Forum
Leading the Kadayawan festivities (L-R) Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, Balanga City Mayor Joet Garcia, WBCP President Mike Lu, Philippine agle Foundation Executive Director Dennis Salvador
Jon Villasper manning the scope

Primer Group hosted a Fellowship Night where lecturers were given a token of appreciation while members gave a tribute to the late British bird guide Tim Fisher, one of the pioneers of birdwatching in the Philippines .

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China led by Ambassador Donald Lee hosted a Turnover Dinner for Tainan City which is hosting the 2nd Asian Bird Fair in October 2011. Guest-of-honor was Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte. The program commenced with a lion dance and delegates came in their national costumes.

On the last day, delegates visited the Philippine Eagle Center to see the research facility. Philippine Eagle Foundation president William Hotchkiss hosted a barrio fiesta themed lunch buffet for the delegates. Afterwards the delegates were whisked off to the Eden Garden Resort where the Farewell Dinner was held. Founding members of the Asian Bird Fair held a meeting to discuss lessons learned and the next steps for the bird fair.

An optional post-fair trip for delegates was made to Mt Kitanglad (Bukidnon) and Bislig City (Surigao del Sur).

The sponsors of the Asian Bird Fair were Team Energy Foundation, Primer Group of Companies, Phoenix Petroleum, Tanduay Distillers, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Taiwan), Aboitiz Power, Davao Light, Fauna and Flora International, Philippine Association of Wildlife Veterinarians, C. K. Lu Enterprises, Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao, NCCC Mall, Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri, Grand Men Seng Hotel, Smart Communications, and Romana, Gaudioso & Caridad.

12th Taipei International Birdwatching Fair – 10/13-15

Mike Lu and Maan Guzman with college students

With the theme Save Taiwan, Protect Ocean, the 12th Taipei International Birdwatching Fair was held on October 13-15 at the Guandu Nature Park. With participants coming from Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Singapore, Thailand, USA, and Bulgaria, Taipei Deputy Mayor Dr. Lin Chien Yuan gave a rousing speech during the Welcome Dinner held at the Taipei City Hall.

Kids eagerly engage in coloring activity

WBCP was represented by Maan Guzman and Mike Lu. Our booth was one of the busiest with kids continuously lining up to take part in coloring activities. College students also visited our booth to conduct interviews about the activities of the Club.

As part of the activities to raise awareness about the Asian Bird Fair, founding members paid a courtesy call on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NGO Affairs Committee Unit Chief Harry Chen to thank the ministry for hosting the Turnover Dinner during the 1st Asian Bird fair held in Davao and to give an update regarding preparations for the hosting of the 2nd Asian Bird Fair in Tainan City next year. Mike Lu also gave a powerpoint presentation to WBST members on the history and logistics for preparing for the Asian Bird Fair.

10th Thailand Bird Fair 2010

The 10th Thailand Bird Fair was held from 20-21 November, 2010 at Bang Pu Recreation Park, its new bird fair venue since 2009. The theme of the fair was "Save Birds, Save Biodiversity".

Tere Cervero manning the WBCP booth
Tere Cervero manning the WBCP booth

Other participating Clubs were the Wild Bird Society of Taipei, Malaysian Nature Society, Shanghai Birdwatching Society and Xishuangbanna Tropical Garden from Yunnan Province (China). Present also was Fung Men Chew of the Fujian Birdwatching Club and Nigel Marvin, a TV nature and wildlife program presenter who was responsible for the Shore Birds segment of the “Life of Birds” by Lord David Attenborough.

WBCP sent the biggest delegation with Tere Cervero and Alex Tiongco as the official representatives who conducted a talk on the Endemic Birds in the Philippines and managed the WBCP booth; Ely Teehankee who came to photograph birds for his collection, and Charo Lim and Mai Yangco who came for the post fair bird tour to Khao Yai National Park.

The WBCP booth was a crowd-drawer, with the attractive backdrop of tarps featuring the top birding sites in the Philippines and endemic birds, of which the Great Philippine Eagle is a favorite. School kids of different ages participated in the coloring activity.

Celebrating the Loy Kratong with other foreign participants
Celebrating the Loy Kratong with other foreign participants

Jon's bird stickers were a best-seller, aside from the limited-edition t-shirts designed by Arnel Telesforo and the Philippine Eagle Foundation. There were a number of inquiries about bird watching in the Philippines so having the photographic pocket guides of Neon Rosell and the informative tarp displays made it easier to talk about birding in the Philippines to the visitors.

The Thailand Bird Fair 2010 was more of a Book, Information and Technology fair. Many Thai Authors and artists had their own booths displaying and selling their work. Although most of the local Clubs’ merchandise were mainly geared towards information and education and tours, many too were pure merchandising to raise funds for their various projects. One of the highlights of the event was the celebration of the “Loy Kratong” festival which is a nationwide spiritual ritual where “mini-boats” of candles decorated with flowers and other gift offerings are floated into the rivers to drive evil spirits away and bring in good luck and fortune.

3rd Return of the Great Cormorant Festival - 11/20

Opening ceremonies (L-R) Governor Imee Marcos,
Mike Lu and Dr.Pete Calope

The Club to participate in the 3rd Return of the Great Cormorant Festival held on the shores of the Paoay Lake. Manila-based members Arnel Telesforo, Tintin Telesforo, Gina Mapua and Mike Lu joined Laoag-based members Pete Calope and Richard Ruiz at the said event by giving a talk on birds and bird watching, conducting origami sessions and a coloring contest for selected school children.

The opening ceremony was graced by Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos and Paoay Mayor Bonifacio Clemente Jr. The governor unveiled development plans for Paoay Lake and released fingerlings to replenish the fish population.



Ibong Dayo Festival 12/10-11

WBCP members during the bird fair preview at the NCCC Mall
(L-R) Mayor Joet Garcia, Vice President Jejomar Binay, Congressman Abet Garcia
Leading the Kadayawan festivities (L-R) Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, Balanga City Mayor Joet Garcia, WBCP President Mike Lu, Philippine agle Foundation Executive Director Dennis Salvador
The newly-built Balanga Wetalnd Park Information Center

The City of Balanga launched the 1st Ibong Dayo Festival to celebrate the return of the migratory birds to the wetlands of Balanga. Guests-of-honor were Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay and Congressman Albert Garcia inaugurated the Balanga Wetland and Nature Park information center.

The Club participated by holding an interactive lecture on migratory birds, video presentation at the wetland information center, origami and coloring activities, manning a bird watching station and a merchandise booth. Thousands of school children from Balanga City participated in the festivities.

Presentations and Lectures

Club members manning the booth at the organic market

WBCP Vice President Anna Gonzales gave a presentation during the Muntinlupa Youth Summit on February 4. On the same day, members of the WBCP also took part in the Department of Tourism’s MICE Convention activities held at the Balanga Wetland and Nature Park. Mike Lu spoke about birdwatching at the meeting of the Executive Toastmaster Club held on March 4 and to 300+ Tourism students during the Philippine Travel Mart held on September 4 at the Megatrade Hall. The Avian Archipelago video was shown to participants of a weekend market held at the Flower Farm in Tagaytay City on May 2. The Club also participated at the Organic Market held at the Esplanade on September 2.