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Birds of the Philippines

The Philippine archipelago has an astounding mix of more than 600 species of resident and migratory birds, of which almost 200 species are endemic. Despite the high degree of endemism, very few Filipinos are aware of the country's avifaunal diversity. The Wild Bird Club of the Philippines (WBCP) has for our mission the promotion of the responsible appreciation of nature and, to collect & provide information about the birds of the Philippines.

As much as possible, the WBCP would like to use the pictures of birds taken in the wild however some species are very difficult to photograph hence we compensate with photos taken in captivity. The WBCP is heavily indebted to WBCP member Romy Ocon for supplying the majority of the bird photographs posted in this gallery. Other WBCP members who contributed the photos to the gallery include James McCarthy, Nilo Arribas Jr., Bobby Kintanar, Adrian Constantino, Benedict de Laender, JP Carino, Desmond Allen, Lala Espanola & Romel Barrera. Thanks to Rey Sta Ana, Fred Serrano, the Katala Foundation (Philippine Cockatoo) & Roland Roldan. Foreign birders who shared their pictures are the late Laurence Poh of Malaysia, Ivor Lee of Singapore, Joe Pan of Malaysia, Charles Hibbert of Australia, Wouter Thijs of the Netherlands and Genevieve Broad of the UK.


Gallery 2

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Coots, Crakes, Rails & Waterhens - Family Rallidae


Jacana - Family Jacanidae


Painted-snipe - Family Rostratulidae


Lapwings and Plovers - Family Charadriidae


Curlews, Godwits, Sandpipers, Snipes - Family Scolopacidae



Pratincoles - Family Glareolidae


Stilts, Avocets - Family Recurvirostridae


Gulls - Family Laridae



Terns, Noddies - Family Sternidae



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