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Metro Manila Birds Gallery

The Eurasian Tree Sparrow, better known as the Maya, may be the most abundant and visible bird in the city but the Wild Bird Club has recorded more than 100+ species of birds within Metro Manila in 2003 alone. Keep an eye out for these other birds.

As much as possible, the WBCP would like to use pictures of birds taken in Metro Manila. However due to the dearth of Philippine-based bird photographers, some pictures had to be sourced from visiting birders or other South-east Asian sources. The WBCP is heavily indebted to WBCP member Romy Ocon for supplying the majority of the pictures posted in this gallery. Other local contributors are Alex Loinaz, & Roland Roldan. Foreign birders who shared their pictures are KK Hui (Hong Kong), Ivor Lee (Singapore), & the late Laurence Poh (Malaysia).

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Bitterns, Egrets, Herons - Family Ardeidae


Ducks - Family Anatidae


Osprey - Family Pandionidae


Buzzards, Eagles, Hawks, Kites - Family Accipitridae


Falcons - Family Falconidae


Coots, Crakes, Rails, Waterhens - Family Rallidae


Painted Snipe - Family Rostratulidae


Lapwings, Plovers - Family Charadriidae


Curlews, Godwits, Sandpipers, Snipes - Family Scolopacidae


Pratincoles - Family Glareolidae


Stilts - Family Recurvirostridae


Terns - Family Sternidae


Doves, Pigeons - Family Columbidae


Cockatoos, Parrots, Racquet-tails - Family Psittacidae


Cuckoos, Malkohas and Coucals - Family Cuculidae

Lesser Coucal


Kingfishers - Family Alcedinidae


Woodpeckers - Family Picidae

Philippine Pygmy Woodpecker


Swallows - Family Hirundinidae


Trillers - Family Campephagidae


Bulbuls - Family Pycnonotidae


Orioles - Family Oriolidae


Robins, Thrushes - Family Turdidae


Old World Warblers - Family Sylviidae

Clamorous Reed-warbler
Clamorous Reed-warbler

Striated Grassbird
Striated Grassbird


Zitting Cisticola
Zitting Cisticola


Flycatchers - Family Muscicapidae


Pipits, Wagtails - Family Motacillidae


Woodswallows - Family Artamidae


Shrikes - Family Laniidae


Mynahs, Starlings - Family Sturnidae


Sunbirds - Family Nectariniidae


White-eyes - Family Zosteropidae


Old World Sparrow - Family Ploceidae


Munias - Family Estrildidae


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