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Bird club issues reminder

Bird club issues reminder
Manila Times
3 February 2007 | 11:30 PM
By Joey Aguilar, Correspondent

ANGELES CITY: A bird watchers group has advised the public to watch, dont catch migratory birds to prevent the spread of bird flu to the Philippines.

The Wild Bird Club of the Philippines reiterated the message after officials in Indonesia recorded six deaths due to bird flu this year.

Migratory birds such as the Little Egret (L) and Garganey (R) winter in Candaba Marsh.

Last year, 63 persons died worldwide after contracting the H5N1 strain of the avian-flu virus.
Migratory birds could be carriers of the bird-flu virus which could be transmitted to humans, that is why we advise everyone to watch and not to catch these birds, said Michael Lu, founding member of the group, who has been in bird watching for more than four years.
Late last January the Philippine Press Institute (PPI) organized a seminar-workshop entitled Stay Bird-Flu Free Philippines for journalists in San Fernando City. The participants also visited the Candaba Swamp where thousands of migratory birds flock.
More than 580 species of migratory birds visit the Philippines, but not all are carriers of the virus, Lu said.