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Photography passion takes flight - January 2012

CX World

A magazine for staff and friends of Cathay Pacific Airways
January 2012, Issue 190, p.8

Photography passion takes flight
ISM Marester Macasiano Takes stunning photos of birds in her spare time

The beautiful sight of a flock of birds in flight or walking quietly through a forest patiently hoping for an elusive glimpse of a colorful wing is what spurs Inflight Service Manager Marester Macasiano in her passion for wildlife photography.

Marester says her interest started with her desire to capture memories of her travels combined with her love for the outdoors.

"My initial foray into this hobby was not a walk in the park. I had to learn about the different species of birds, explore their habitats and use the appropriate equipment and techniques," Marester says.

"I mainly go on expeditions in the Philippines with my husband, who is also a wildlife photographer. We have targets to hit along the way about what we can expect to see.

"You learn a lot, specially about the patience required to get a good capture and the need to get up early in the morning. We also spend countless hours in the field and basically expose ourselves to various environmental conditions such as gusty winds, heavy rain and extreme heat," she adds.

Bird photography has also increased her love for the environment and nature.

"I have had to learn about the habitats and characters of the birds and the time of the year when they can be seen. Since we are capturing migratory birds, it is often necessary to return several times to capture them properly.

"Sadly, you seldom find primary forest now and I have seen all the devastation and logging going on which means the forests are almost gone," Marester says.

Marester is a member of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines and the Philippine Bird Photography Forum and the group took part in a photo exhibit in Cebu in July entitled "Migratory Birds: Global Ambassadors of the Changing Environment".

"The photo exhibit was to show selected migratory shorebirds taken in the locality and highlight their role relative to climate change. A lot of our birds are in the brink of extinction due to ignorance and lack of education," Marester says, adding that an exhibition of forest birds is now being planned.

On a personal note, Marester is hoping to get more sunbirds in her album.

"I only have a few of these beautiful, colorful birds but I would love to have the full collection!"