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Raptor Count - April 7, 2012

BARANGAY:  Mayagay, Tanay

START DATE:  07 April 2012
END DATE:      07 April 2012
START TIME:   0800H to 1600H
TIME IN FIELD:  8 hours

April 7: At around 10:45am, Randy and Marla Weisser
with some friends dropped in to watch the raptors...
they stayed for an hour and a half.

Name of Birder (REPORTER):  Alex Tiongco
Other Birders Present:  Marites Cervero, Martin Johnson, Boy Ochavo
# of Birders Present:   4

A group led by Randy and Marla Weisser arrived at around 1030H (with Matt & Carol, Scott & Cindy) to join the raptor watch but they stayed only for about an hour and a half.

Wind was almost constant in the morning to early afternoon varying between 7-11 kph, blowing ENE then E at 1100H; then ENE from 1300 onwards but the wind increase to 25 kph at about 1500H

Cloud cover -In the early morning the sky was almost cloudless but at 8AM scattered cumulus clouds built up from 20% which moved up to 50% as the day progressed but cloudiness dissipated to about 10% at about 1500 hours as the wind built up. A thin haze arose from the east at about 1130H which gradually became thicker contributed upon by grass fires.

Temperature - varied little at around 76-78 degrees throughout the watch
Atmospheric pressure also varied little at around 943
Visibility 40-50 kms

Total number of Raptors sighted - 2,694 

Osprey  Pandion haliaetus    5
Oriental Honey-buzzard  Pernis ptilorhyncus  28
Chinese Goshawk  Accipiter soloensis   2,639
Grey-faced Buzzard  Butastur indicus    13
Crested Serpent Eagle  Spilornis cheela  2
Falco sp. - 1 (most likely Peregrene Falcon)
Unidentified  raptor sp.  6


First sighting 0806H - 8 Chinese Goshawk
Last sighting 1545H all the way to 1610H around 138 Chinese Goshawk. The wind had built up to what was not ideal for flight and cloud cover at 10% did not look exciting so we think we saw the last of the Chinese Goshawk for the day or so we would like to think - but who can be sure?

The birds were noted moving NE over the Eastern ridges and also dead N, overhead. Later on in the afternoon when the wind built up, a grass fire was started directly south of the tower. At this point birds coming from the south doglegged it to west (towards Jan's farm) but flights on the eastern ridges continued.

When the wind built up, we noticed a bird suspended over a bald patch in the valley for a long time, making us think it was a toy kite. Tere checked it in the scope and confirmed it was indeed a Chinese Goshawk.