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Mount Makiling
(Forestry Road and Pook ni Maria Makiling)

Date: April 12, 2003
Location: Forestry road in the morning and Pook ni Maria Makiling (Jamboree) in the afternoon by Mads Bajarias with Dindo Llana and Lala Española

Dindo Llana and I were also in Makiling on Saturday, April 12, while Ned and Marilyn Liuag were exploring the length of the molave plantation ridge trail. We mainly stayed near the entrance where the tickets are issued and only strayed as far as the "mahogany plantation" sign. In the afternoon, we went to Pook ni Maria Makiling with biologist Lala Espanola and her friend.

What we saw:
1. Chinese Goshawk (Accipiter soloensis) - saw 1 silently perched at the left-hand trail opposite the ticket "office." a cemented footpath leads to some houses. it had orange cere and yellow eyes. small size at first made me think it might be a dove from behind. JC Gonzalez' book has a different English name for it (Crested Lizard Hawk).
2. Hodgson's Hawk-cuckoo - Saw 1, heard another. this took us about 100m in the underbrush. Following its sound, we left the main trail where the "Mahogany Plantation" sign is. After what seemed like ages spent peering in the middle-storey we finally saw it. This is the "hysterical bird" we always missed out in the past. Finally seeing it brought great relief. Hay salamat.
3. Oriental Cuckoo - 1 near the "Pook ni Maria Makiling" swimming pool. Around 4pm we went there along with Lala and her friend Renz(?). Curiously, this species is not in Gonzalez' Makiling checklist. We only saw it when it moved, otherwise, its colors make it blend with color of branches and difficult to see. at times, it even perches parallel to the branch so it looks like a "bump" on the wood.
4. Red-crested Malkoha - 1 in the same place as the goshawk and didn't seem to mind the breakfast noises.
5. Scale-feathered malkoha - 1 in deep in the left-hand trail opposite the "Flat Rocks" sign. Dindo waited for it a long time to show. Rewarded with great looks. Definitely worth the wait!
Bee-eaters - c.10. A mix of Blue-throated and Blue-tailed species perched.
Stripe-headed Rhabdornis - 6. Dindo saw them everywhere (almost)! On trunks, branches, on fruiting trees...
6. Philippine Bulbuls - 4
7. Balicassiaos - 2
8. Red-keeled Flowerpeckers - c.5
9. Bicolored Flowerpeckers - c.10