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Sampaloc Lake, San Pablo City

Grey Heron
Grey Heron

Great Egret
Great Egret
Red-keeled Flowerpecker
Red-keeled Flowerpecker

Birding Site: Sampaloc Lake, San Pablo City
9 February, 2005; 4:45 pm to 6:00 pm; Scattered, high altitude clouds with bright sun; brisk north wind, choppy lake surface (but no whitecaps)
Observers: Ned and Marilyn Liuag

We were only in San Pablo for a few hours to visit the folks and look at the backyard before construction starts on the new house. Eleven fruit trees, some more than 20 years old, were cut down with three more to go. My brother assured me there were still enough tree for the birds, and I suppose when the occupants decide to put in a new garden, that would liven up the property. Except for a high-flying ASIAN PALM SWIFT above the house and a male OLIVE-BACKED SUNBIRD singing from the neighbor's television aerial, there were no other birds seen in the vicinity.

Marilyn and I managed to squeeze a visit to the lake later in the afternoon and watched the egrets and herons from the viewpoint near Aling Meding's mansion. WBCP member Angelo Carandang reported to seeing 10 LITTLE GREBES and a single COLASISI in the area this morning. I only saw a single Little Grebe, and briefly because of the rough waters caused by the strong north wind. The wind was strong enough to make viewing with binoculars uncomfortable.

1.Little Grebe (T. ruficolis) - 1
2.Little (Striated) Heron (B. striata) - 1
3.Grey Heron (A. cinerea) - 11
4.Great Egret (A. alba) - 4+
5.White Egret species - 56
6.Asian Palm Swift (C. balasiensis) - 1* in Ilaya
7.Philippine Pygmy Woodpecker (D. maculatus) - 1 heard trilling in tree in Our Lady of the Lake compound
8.Brown Shrike (L. cristatus) - 1 perched in the bamboo fence of the fishpen off the viewpoint
9.Pacific Swallow (H. tahitica) - 5 flying around the INC chapel overlooking the lake
10.Red-Keeled Flowerpecker (D. australe) - 1 heard singing near AlingMeding's and 1* heard in yard in Ilaya
11.Olive-Backed Sunbird (C. jugularis) - 1* male seen singing in neighbor's yard in Ilaya
12.Grey Wagtail (M. cinerea) - 1 stayed around for several minutes only a couple of meters from our viewpoint
13.Eurasian Tree Sparrow (P. montanus) - only a handful