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Napayung and Bubuin Islands

July 22, 2006
Napayung and Bubuin Islands
Taal Lake, Batangas

1. Alex Tiongco
2. Tere Cuevas
3. Charlie Gapuz Te
4. Cathy Gapuz Te
5. Rene Angeles
6. Rica Rodis

Trip report and bird list by: Rene Angeles
Bird list by: Alex Tiongco

Napayung Island, Taal Lake

The group spent Friday night at the Angeles family resthome located at the shore of Taal Lake (in Barangay Ambulong) in order to get an early start the next day.

The group birded Napayung Island and Bubuin Island which are both located within Taal Lake. These islands are about 1/2 hour boat ride from Barangay Ambulong.

Birders Alex, Charlie and Rene consolidating the bird list

They were quite pleasantly surprised to observe a total of 24 species of birds. The cloudy weather helped in making the early morning birding a more pleasant and enjoyable experience.

White-throated Kingfisher

The following bird species were spotted and/or heard:

1. Little Egret (3)
2. Black-Crowned Night-Heron (7)
3. Rufous Night-Heron (6)
4. Little Heron (3)
5. White-Eared Brown-Dove (saw 2 heard many)
6. Philippine Cuckoo-Dove (saw 4 flying, and 1 perched)
7. Island Collared-Dove (1)
8. Zebra Dove (heard)
9. Philippine Coucal (heard many)
10. Swiflet sp - (many)
11. White-Throated Kingfisher (1)
12. White-Collared Kingfisher (10)
13. Pacific Swallow (common)
14. Yelow-Vented Bulbul (common)
15. Black-Naped Oriole (8)
16. Large-Billed Crow (3)
17. Golden-Bellied Flyeater (saw 3, heard more)
18. Tawny Grass Bird (heard)
19. Gray-Backed Tailorbird (heard all the time but not seen)
20. Pied Fantail (common)
21. White-breasted Wood-swallow (common)
22. Lowland White-Eye (8)
23. Eurasian Tree Sparrow (many)

1. Great Egret (20+)
2. Little Egret (20)
3. Black-Crowned Night-Heron (70+)

1. Colasisi - heard only