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Sunday Breakfast with Justice Pronove

Date: November 26, 2006
Location: Victoria Valley Subdivision, Valley Golf, Antipolo, Rizal
Time: 6:00am-8:00am
Weather: Clear skies with slight breeze
Birders: Alex Tiongco, Tere Cervero, Adrian Constantino, Trinket Canlas, Justice Pronove
Trip Report by Trinket
Birdlist by all birders

Justice Pronove invited us over (or did we invite ourselves?) for early Sunday breakfast at his resthouse in Valley Golf. While having breakfast on the rooftop, we were distracted by flocks of what we thought to be glossy starlings accompanied by orioles flying around the trees. As the sun rose providing good light, we were amazed to find out that they were ALL black-naped orioles! Huge flocks of 20-30 bright yellow birds flew across the horizon some distance from us and some of them landed on a fruiting tree from which they fed.

Lowland White-eye
Lowland White-eye
Black-naped Oriole
Black-naped Oriole
White-collared Kingfisher
White-collared Kingfisher

After breakfast, Justice took us on a liesurely walk around the subdivision. From the ruins of an abondoned resort, we could see Metro Manila enveloped in a blanket of grey smog. Atround us flitted white-eyes, fly-eaters and arctic warblers. Here we ran into Bob Fergusson, friend of Tim Fisher, also out for a moring walk and birding.

After a refreshing merienda and review of what we had seen, we got up from Justice's porch, thanked him for his hospitality and got ready to leave. Our departure was postponed when Alex spotted a black bird quietly sitting in the undergrowth of vines in the neighboring empty lot. It turned out to be a drongo cuckoo! A lifer for all of us. A good bird to end a good morning with friends.

Bird list:

1. Barred Rail -HO
2. Zebra Dove - 3
3. Spotted Dove - 1
4. Colasisi - 3
5. Drongo Cuckoo - 1
6. Lesser Coucal - 3
7. Swftlet sp. - x
8. Collared Kingfisher - 2
9. Philippine Pygmy Woodpecker - HO
10. Pied Triller - 5
11. Yellow-vented Bulbul - common
12. Black-naped Oriole - 75+
13. Large-billed Crow - 2
14. Pied Bushchat - 3 (2F, 1M)
15. Golden-bellied Flyeater - 7+
16. Arctic Warbler - 2
17. Striated Grassbird - 2
18. Tawny Grassbird - 2
19. Bright-capped Cisticola - 1
20. Pied Fantail - 8
21. White-breasted Woodswallow - 10
22. Long-tailed Shrike - 12
23. Brown Shrike - 7 x
24. Olive-backed Sunbird - 10+
25. Flowerpecker sp. - HO
26. Lowland White-eye - 12+
27. Eurasian Tree Sparrow - 7
28. Scaly-breasted Munia - 4
29. Chestnut Munia - 2