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Mt Palay-Palay, Cavite and Coastal Lagoon, Paranaque

Trip report by Debbie McGuinn
Bird list by Tere Cervero

We had a fun and productive birding trip to Mt Palay-Palay and Coastal Lagoon on Sunday February 25, 2007. The entire day was fabulous! This was Dave and my first birding trip in the Philippines. We moved here only six weeks ago from the mountains of northern Arizona in America (it's been snowing there). We were fortunate to be able to join the trip organized for a guest from Singapore, Gloria Seow. It was exciting to be able to experience birds we have never seen or heard before! All the bird species we saw and heard were life birds for us, except for the barn swallow (which we have back in America). Having such an experienced bird guide, Nicky Icarangal, was so wonderful. Everyone on the trip was a teacher to us, too. We also want to learn the songs and calls of the birds of the Philippines, and we have a good beginning. We feel very fortunate to have gone birding with such a nice group of people who are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic! We hope to share many more birding outings.

Something to note is that there were informal settlers at the birding site. They are making charcoal from the trees in the forest. We are afraid that they will negatively affect the birds and their habitat.

Osprey - 1
Brahminy kite - 9
Crested serpent eagle - 4
Philippine Falconet - 2
White eared brown dove - ho (heard only)
Black-chinned fruit dove - 4 (heard more)
Luzon bleeding heart - ho
Guiabero - 5
Colasisi - 6
Red-crested malkoha - 4
Philippine coucal - 4 (heard more)
Philippine hawk owl - ho
Island swiftlet - many
Pygmy swiftlet - many
Philippine trogon - ho
Spotted wood kingfisher - ho
Tarictic hornbill - 17
Rufuos hornbill - 2
Coppersmith barbet - 2
Sooty woodpecker - ho
Red-bellied pitta - ho
Barn swallow - many
Bar-bellied cuckoo shrike - 2
Yellow vented bulbul - many
Philippine bulbul - many
Philippine fairy bluebird - 4
Black-naped oriole - 4
Elegant tit - 2
White-browed shama - 1 (heard more)
Blue rock thrush - 8
Grey-backed tailorbird - ho
Grey-streaked flycatcher - 4
Brown shrike - 3
White-breasted woodswallow - many
Coleto - 5
Red-keeled flowerpecker - many (? not sure of the count)
Pygmy flowerpecker - at least 4
Coastal Lagoon - Paranaque
Grey heron - 3+
Great egret - 10+
Little egret - 40+
Whiskered tern - 30+
Black-winged stilt - about 50
Collared kingfisher - 1