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Two major events set to promote bird conservation

Mindanao Times
Written by: Robin , Alisa
Thursday, 06 May 2010

Wild Bird Club members in Filipiniana attire
attended the Agila Gala

Cultural dance presentation at the Agila Gala

TWO major events are scheduled in the city this year to promote environmental awareness. The first is Philippine Eagle Week on June 4-13 with the theme “Sa Agila May Pag-asa Laban sa Pagbabago ng Klima” under Presidential Proclamation No. 79.

“We plan to emphasize that Philippine Eagle conservation is a solution to the pressing issue of climate change,” said Tatit Quiblat, communications officer of the foundation.

“By protecting eagle habitats of at least 7,000 hectares each, we are protecting and rehabilitating forests,” Quiblat explained at a press conference yesterday at the Marco Polo Hotel. However, Quiblat was disappointed to say that the Philippine Eagle Week was only celebrated in Davao City.

“The Philippine eagle is a national symbol. Sana lahat [buong Pilipinas] nagcecelebrate nito.”

But Quiblat took comfort in the fact that at least Davao City had a “sense of responsibility to promote the Philippine Eagle.”

Meanwhile, scheduled on a later date is a bigger event endorsed by the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Tourism.

The First Asian Bird Fair, in line with the 6th Philippine Bird Festival, is set to showcase the different bird festivals of different countries in Asia.

Quiblat was proud to say that Davao City is the prime host of the first ever Asian Bird Fair to be held on September 24-26.

“There is actually a wealth of bird species in Davao,” said Quiblat. “There is a lot of potential here,” she added.

Though still starting, the event aims to promote eco-tourism “through birdwatching and promotion of natural and cultural heritage of host cities.” Quiblat added that 200 international delegates from Asia and Europe are joining this major event.

The First Asian Bird Fair also aims to position the Philippines as a birdwatching destination in the globe.

Among the organizers of this event are the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, the Bird Conservation Society of Thailand, the Chinese Wild Bird Federation, the Wild Bird Society of Taipei, the Malaysian Nature Society and the Nature Society of Singapore.