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'Migratory Birds' exhibit at SM City Cebu

(The Philippine Star) Updated July 09, 2011 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - On view until July 12 at the North Wing of SM City Cebu is the “Migratory Birds: Global Ambassadors of the Changing Environment” photo exhibition.

Featured are the works of Nilo Arribas Jr., an IT/business consultant who specialized in project management; Luisito Co, a surgeon by specialization; Bobby Kintanar, an executive of a support service company based in Cebu; Clemn Macasiano Jr., a practicing dentist; Marester Bas Macasiano, an in-flight service manager of a Hongkong-based international airline; and Tateo Osawa, a retired Japanese expatriate who has chosen Cebu to be his second home for over 15 years now.

All photographs of birds in the exhibit were taken in the wild and in their natural habitat. The bird photographers spend countless hours in the field. They have been exposed to various environmental conditions such as gusty winds, shifting tides, heavy rains, and extreme heat while in the field. They hope that the effort and photographs in the exhibit will inspire others to take an active role in spreading conservation awareness in the locality.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see photographs of at least 18 selected migratory shorebirds in full color prints; panoramic view of birds congregating in their foraging area and/or in flight; and behavioral photographs rendered in a series or individual shots. They will also learn other interesting facts about the shorebird with the longest bill in relation to its body, a bird species that recorded the world’s longest 11,000 kilometers non-stop flight in nine days, and — despite the nomadic nature of their lifestyle — a wild migratory bird that has lived for over 60 years.

The photo exhibit will feature visiting migratory birds taken in the locality of Cebu. The photos taken in the locality will highlight the fact that people don’t have to go very far to appreciate these magnificent long-distance fliers. By instilling a mindset for coexistence, rather than a life of separation or isolation, people should be able to attain a society that is tolerant and sensitive to the needs of wildlife in a shared environment.

The exhibit is presented by The Birdnuts of Cebu in cooperation with SM City Cebu, Pacific Online Systems Corporation, Wild Bird Club of the Philippines Inc., and Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.

For information, call Nilo Arribas Jr. at 0927-7962059 or e-mail