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One of the best things about the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines is the diversity of its members, their backgrounds and their interests. Sometimes I feel that their colorful characters could  rival that of the 600 or so species in the country!

This fledgling issue of our monthly club newsletter, superbly incubated and hatched (sorry can’t resist) by our communications team Sylvia Ramos and Maia Tañedo demonstrates what an interesting group we have with its mix of stories on birding and beyond.

As you will see, this newsletter features places and people and how we can’t help but be interested or involved in other things! I see in this issue our members’ irrepressible urge to explore, to engage communities, either through the act of birding or by  informing people of their importance and why the law protects them.

It is my hope that this newsletter will encourage you to explore more, bird more, and tell your own stories of birds, places and people.

Good birding! Happy reading!

Anna Maria Gonzales
Wild Bird Club of the Philippines

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