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Stories from the 9th Philippine Bird Fest – Zamboanga

WBCP volunteers and local and foreign delegates share their 9th PBF experience. 

Pol Cariño [PENAGMANNAKI] | Wich’yanan Limparungpatthanakij [BCST] |
Erickson Tabayag 
[Bird Watch Palawan] | Nena Carina Española [WBCP] |
Babie Magadia [WBCP] | John Bakar [ Sandakan Borneo Bird Club] |
Tinggay Cinco [WBCP] | Christian Perez [WBCP] | Tinto Alcala [Guest]

Compiled by Christine Telesforo

Pol Cariño | Pederasyon sa Nagkahiusang mga Mag-uuma nga Nanalipud
ug Nagpasig-uli sa Kinaiyahan Inc. (PENAMANNAKI)

“The warm welcome, accommodation, hospitality, and authentic cultural presentations were most appreciated during the festival. It was only in this festival that we experienced a public parade along with presentations by various schools and students participating in the festival.”

Wich’yanan Limparungpatthanakij | Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (BCST)

“It is difficult to pick what I like best [about the festival] because everything was almost perfect. I was amazed at how friendly people were to me. I think the schedule was very carefully thought out. I mean, everybody got to do some birding and did not have to spend too much time at the booth (not that I didn’t enjoy being in the booth and the festival, but I think half a day for both days was about right –not too short and not too long). It was great to have college students assisting us at the booth also. They were awesome at doing their job!”

Erickson Tabayag | Bird Watch Palawan

“It was a super awesome experience. I met a lot of birders, both local and international, and be friends with them. I also got so many lifers, 18 in total with Silvery Kingfisher and Black-faced Coucal on top of the list.”

Nena Carina Española | WBCP: Lectures Committee

“As part of the lectures committee, there’s a sense of fulfillment when you see the students listening attentively and showing appreciation to the lectures that were given.”

Babie Magadia | WBCP: Origami Committee

“Zamboanga was a new place for me to visit and meet new people with different culture and tradition since it’s on the other end of the country. It was also my first time to handle an activity in a bird festival. I also liked to see endemic birds. Lastly, I liked to help Zamboanga in my own little way of de-stressing the people after what they had gone through.”

John Bakar | Sandakan Borneo Bird Club

“When things are done sincerely, everything else [will follow]. With or without hiccups, it was just simply a beautiful event. Congratulations.”

Tinggay Cinco | WBCP: Education Committee

“As Education Committee head, I have implemented a new approach to the presentations–integrating the Bird Quest [game] in the process. I might say a huge venue like Centro Latino was quite intimidating at first. But with the help of Anna G. and Maia, we were able to educate the Grade 6 students of Sta. Maria Central Elementary and Catalina Vda de Jalon Elementary Schools. Presenting in a conversation-like lecture combined with the slide presentations got the students more interested. Games, question-and-answer bits were interspersed in-between topics. We were met with enthusiastic responses from the students.”

Christian Perez | WBCP: Guiding Committee

“All delegates were impressed by the quality of the birding and the natural beauty of Pasonanca Natural Park. This was of course on top of the warm welcome from Zamboanga City, DOT and DENR, and the fantastic general atmosphere during the whole birdtfest. Many delegates expressed their desire to come back to Zamboanga with more time to bird in Pasonanca. Let’s hope that Zamboanga City will get infected with Balanga’s idea of an annual bird festival. That will be a great excuse for participants to return to Zamboanga, and for those who did not make it this time to go and experience the magic of Zamboanga.”

Tinto Alcala | MTCC Zamboanga: Bird festival guest

“I’ve always noticed these past three years that I’ve been stationed in Zamboanga how avian population and variety are aplenty here; if only I have ready tools for identification/nomenclature. The 9th Philippine Bird Festival made me more aware of the presence and importance of our feathered friends. Kudos goes to the organizers, and also the Zamboangeños for ensuring environmental protection.”

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