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Photo of the Month: Golden-bellied Gerygone feeding a Little Bronze Cuckoo

by Tateo Osawa 

Little Bronze Cuckoos are parasitic nesters. They lay their eggs in the nest of another bird and the other bird hatches the egg and raises the cuckoo chick as its own, continuing to feed and tend to the chick even when the chick dwarfs the parent in size. It’s hard to believe that the parent can get fooled, but Tateo’s remarkable photo clearly shows the tiny Golden-bellied Gerygone mothering the Little Bronze Cuckoo.




Photo by Tateo Osawa
Photo by Tateo Osawa

Golden-bellied Gerygone feeding a Little Bronze Cuckoo
Gerygone sulphurea and Chrysococcyx minutillus
Olango Island
13 August 2015

Canon 5DSR, 500mm, f/6.3, 1/1000, ISO-800, tripod

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