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November 2016 Roundup

James Biron rounds-up the different activities of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines last November 2016.

November 5-6, 2016 – 16th Japan Bird Festival
Lake Teganuma, Abiko City
Chiba, Japan

WBCP members Cristina Cinco and Babie Magadia returned to Abiko and attended the 16th Japan Bird Festival for the second time. The Wild Bird Club of the Philippines was once again invited to join one of Asia’s most prestigious bird fairs show casing exhibits from various bird organizations from Japan, the latest optics, local produce, concerts and other bird related activities. According to Cristina Cinco, it was very heartwarming to be visited by so many people interested in the Philippines. She was also delighted to be reunited with friends from last year and meeting new ones as well. For her it was a wish fulfilled to return back to Abiko for the 16th Japan Bird Festival, even prouder to represent the Philippines together with the other members of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines-Ixi Mapua, Mikeli Mapua and Babie Magadia. The group was very thankful for all the help of Asuka-san, Akiko Ota, and their English translators fellow Filipina Joselin and Michiko, who we depended on to communicate and assisted us in our every need. They were truly grateful for the hospitality extended to them by the JBF organizers, the bird organizations of Japan and most of all the people of Abiko. They are strongly hoping to come back for the 17th Japan Bird Festival! (Photo credits: Cristina Cinco)

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November 12-14, 2016 – 7th Asian Bird Fair-Jingshan
Jingshan County, Hubei China

When the announcement of the 7th Asian Bird Fair was going to be in the People’s Republic of China in 2015, a number of WBCP members readily volunteered to go. For Cristina Cinco it seemed like a chance of a lifetime. The grandest ABF so far, they were lucky enough to explore China, experience its culture and participate in all the activities that unite all conservationists worldwide. The atmosphere was friendly, festive and most importantly they had so many lifers from all the bird watching activities lined up during their 6 day stay in China. Despite the very cold weather they got to meet the warmest people in this planet. From having photos by taken by the locals in the streets, to the 12 course dinners, a different Chinese culinary experience, to the colorful leaves of autumn- these are memories which will be forever embedded in their heart. Everyone who attended this festival had a common passion for conservation, a love of birds that unites all peoples regardless of nationality. Congratulations and WBCP’s at most gratitude to the people of Jingshan for welcoming them into their beautiful county and making them a part of their lives during their stay in China. (Photo credits: Cristina Cinco and Christine Espanola Telesforo)

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November 20, 2016 – 11th PBF Final Meeting
Sta Cruz Manila

From the 16th Japan Bird Festival in Abiko City, to the 7th Asian Bird Fair in Jingshan County, PROC. And now, it is the Philippines’ turn for a Ready, Set, Go! 11th Philippine Bird Festival-Negros Island Region is taking off on Nov.24 in Bacolod City. See you all there! (Photo credit: Cristina Cinco)


November 25-26, 2016 – 11th Philippine Bird Festival
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Negros Island Region

The 11th Philippine Bird Festival for 2016 happened last week-end 24-27 November in Negros Occidental. The Wild Bird Club of the Philippines together with its partners the Phil. Biodiversity Conservation Foundation and the Negros Occidental local government brought to Negros once again the bird festival to highlight the message of nature conservation. This is the second time that the Phil. Bird Festival is happening in the island of Negros, the first one occurring five years ago for the 7th Phil. Bird Festival in the city of Dumaguete in Negros Oriental. Conceptualized during the Panaad Festival in April , the WBCP took on the challenge of organizing this event in just a few months of planning to full implementation. This year’s 11th Phil. Bird Festival theme: Panghangkat sa aton tanan, kabuhing ilahas aton amligan– Our common challenge, protect our wildlife. Participation in the province wide celebration was a unique experience. First the festival highlights the unification of the entire island of Negros into one integral region called the Negros Island Region, Second, the 110 km southern coast of Negros Occ. named THE Negros Occidental Coastal Wetlands Conservation Area (Nocwca) was inaugurated in October as the 7th Ramsar site in the Philippines, lastly the province is also celebrating its 12th year of Wildlife Conservation Month held during the entire month of November. Several members of the WBCP lent their knowledge to several key cities like Sagay, Sipalay, Victorias and Bago. Birdwatching trips organized to the wetlands of Tibsoc, forests of Gawahon and Mambucal. The festival was also supported by our friends from abroad with the participation from our affiliate bird club organizations from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. Local conservation organizations came to showcase the rest of our country’s diverse wildlife. Kudos to all WBCP volunteers who contributed both their time and talent for the success of the 11thPBF. Despite facing Tropical Depression Marce (international name Tokage) during the opening day of the 11thPBF , the festival proceeded despite the rainy weather and suspension of classes ( parade cancelled, students were not able to attend.) The success of the 11th PBF can only be attributed to the participation of the nature loving people Negros, the hardworking volunteers and the the best efforts placed forth by its organizers. Deeply thankful to everyone in making the 11th Phil. Bird Festival into another memorable event. With sincerest hope that we were able to spread the message of nature appreciation and answer the call of spreading the awareness of its conservation via the 11th Phil. Bird Festival. (Photo credits: Mike Lu, Tin Mansinares)



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November 26-27, 2016 – Thailand International Birdwatching Fair
Queen Sirikit Park, Bangkok Thailand

Maia Tanedo and Nikdye Realubit participated in the Thailand Bird Fair last November 26-27, as representatives of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines. The bird fair was held in the Queen Sirikit Park in Bangkok and themed “Birds of Prey.”

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