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Bird Photo of the Month: Eastern Spot-billed Duck

Photo by Mike Lu

Eastern Spot-billed DuckĀ Anas zonorhyncha
Ulsan City, South Korea
November 2017


The Eastern Spot-billed Duck is an uncommon migrant in the Philippines and its appearance in Candaba Marsh can merit a stampede of birdwatchers and photographers, but it is the most common duck species in Ulsan. – Mike

Editor’s Note: The Eastern Spot-billed Duck was last recorded in the Philippines last January 2016 in Candaba, Pampanga (based on eBird records.) Since it is presently migration season, birders should keep an eye out for this duck!

UPDATE: The Eastern Spot-billed Duck has just been spotted in Candaba, Pampanga YESTERDAY, December 01, 2017! Time to twitch? =)

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