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12th Philippine Bird Festival 2018 now whooshing down South!

12th Philippine Bird Festival 2018 now whooshing down South!

By City of Tacurong and DOT Region 12 SOCCSKSARGEN

At the heart of Mindanao lies the City of Tacurong — the home of hats stories and migratory avian species. It is known to be one progressive city in the province of Sultan Kudarat and in Region XII called SOCCSKSARGEN. With its competitive and dynamic economy, commerce and trades, education, recreation and tourism zoom to the next level, being an incomparable city with high achievements and preserved Filipino values.

The City of Tacurong boasts for its multicultural population – Ilonggos, Ilocanos, Tagalog, Maguindanao – living in harmony and prosperity, hence its tagline the City of Goodwill lives in every heart of Tacurongnons.

The city is composed of 20 Barangays, of mostly agricultural communities.  Its major industries include capitalizing on agriculture with products such as rice and corn, and tourism, highlighting its undisturbed avian sanctuary hosting 20,000 migratory species all coming across boundaries. The City of Tacurong as the center of the region’s geographical location serves as the economic, cultural, and political center of nearby provinces and municipalities, hosting its business activities and organizational gathering.

While the local industries continue to rise, the city government preserves safety and security measures at its optimum level, making the people and tourists remain safe and secured while enjoying the countryside life through environmental conservation activities and adventure trips.

Baras Bird Sanctuary – home to more than 20,000 egrets, herons, kingfishers and other bird species such as the Philippine Magpie Robin, Rusty-breasted Cuckoo, Glossy Ibis and many more – is a living testament to the city’s prosperity.

These migratory birds found its new nest, breeding in a 2.5 hectare lush green sanctuary and moving freely. Nearby rivers and lakes, and even beyond towering mountain ranges serve as their green ground for food hunting and wide gliding and flying spot.

Dubbed as the 7th Internationally Important Wetland Site in the Philippines, Baras Bird Sanctuary of the City of Tacurong is also one large roosting and breeding sites of herons and egrets in the country.



It has been 21 years since the first sighting of herons and egrets in the area. Through the synergy of the LGU and other national agencies, the Baras Bird Sanctuary continues to stabilize its flight for avian conservation and protection while being observed by tourists as their leisure activity. To promote the protection of the bird species and its new living environment, the LGU annually organizes the Tacurong City Bird Festival in partnership with other government agencies and other environmental groups. Educational forum, exciting games and creative activities with values formation on conservation and protection for the environment made the festival MORE FUN to enjoy with friends and families.

Why is birding FUN in SOX? More than this city, SOCCSKSARGEN is a region covered by protected landscapes and seascapes where endemic and other bird species are nesting and flying beyond heights, and known to be the ancestral home of 5 thriving cultural tribes, the Tboli, Teduray, Blaan, Maguindanaon and Manobo serving as stewards of environmental protection and conservation. Beyond your senses, SOCCSKSARGEN Region awaits you to discover more its untouched paradise. Come and feast your eyes with tapestry of colors, history and nature down south. City of Tacurong, SOCCSKSARGEN Region is your NEXT bird adventure destination.

The 12th Philippine Bird Fest will be held in Tacurong City on May 11-12, 2018.


  1. Mario ronulo

    Thanks for the update. Wish someday Mt. timilon protected landscape R 9 can host this prestigious festival so that local and foriegn birders can see our important and endemic birds being Our PA is a KBA,IBA @EBA. Best regards to Adri constantino.

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