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Ocular Trip to Angelfields Nature Sanctuary

by Rache Go

I joined the ocular inspection of Angelfields Nature Sanctuary yesterday with Mike Lu, Gina Mapua, Willem Van de Ven, George and Manette Inocencio. The trip was originally scheduled for 2 weeks ago but was moved to August 19th.


We were a bit worried about the weather when Mike, Willem, and I arrived because it started raining while we were waiting for Gina, George and Manette. Good thing the rain stopped by the time Gina arrived.


While waiting, Danie (manager) and Camille (marketing) made us feel welcome by offering refreshment (coffee for me!)

We were ushered inside the estate ( with Willem, George, Gina and Manette riding the golf cart!) to meet the Bernie Concepcion, the gracious property owner who invited us to do the ocular.


Sanctuario, the hidden restaurant inside the Angelfields…

He asked Dani and Camille to give us a tour of the property. Our group of eight was divided into 2 groups, one group for each golf cart… yes… we explored the 3 zones of the property in golf carts!


The estate is a total of 10 hectares, divided into 3 zones:

  • The Holy Family
  • The Sanctuary
  • Mt. Carmel

The three zones mentioned above are the events area, and most popular for wedding events. We explored these zones to see the bird species present in the estate.

While checking the estate, we saw Pygmy Swiftlets, White-eared Brown-Dove, Collared Kingfisher, Coppersmith Barbets, Philippine Woodpeckers, Lowland White-eye, Pied Bushchats, and Olive-backed Sunbirds to name a few. There were at least 6 endemic species in the area.



The owner planted trees on the property since it was acquired in 1997. As we were making the bird list, Bernie was interested to know how to make the property more inviting to birds. Our group shared tips and Gina also informed him about the Philippine Native Plants Conservation Society Inc.

Our Groufie with our gracious host, Bernie!

The estate is now on its 19th year and has become known as a popular wedding venue. The size and beauty of the estate are some of the reasons why they are the perfect choice for big garden weddings.

There are 4 casitas available for rent if one just feels like shutting out the world and escaping the metro. Imagine yourself waking up in the morning, having coffee al fresco, surrounded by nature. Some of the casitas have their own fence giving a more private feeling for your stay. A relaxing casita, breakfast, and nature… perfect.

Check their website for their Casitas’ interior photos:

Inside the estate is a zone called Sanctuary, where you can find the restaurant called “Sanctuario”. They are open everyday except Mondays or when the place is booked for an event. It’s a delight to know that the place is also dog friendly!

Fur babies are welcome!!!

Their frequent guests tried to keep Sanctuario a secret to make sure the restaurant doesn’t lose its tranquility. The restaurant offers delectable Filipino food showcasing a menu from appetizers to desserts. They also have wine available! 😍 Here are some of the dishes we were served.

Pinakbet! Wholesome goodness of fresh vegetables (eggplant and okra were are freshly picked from Angelfield’s very own farm) sauteed to perfection… no mushy vegetables!
Lechon Kawali. Organic pork that’s crispy on the outside but tender inside, served with liver sauce.
Pot Roast ala Tita. Now this was my favorite among all the dishes we were served! Thinly sliced beef served with mushroom sauce and horseradish.
Tuna Salpicao. Sashimi grade tuna marinated in soy sauce and garlic.

Check the link for the rest of the menu online:

Bernie also mentioned that they have a European degustation menu that isn’t listed on the menu. If this is your kind of thing, you need to call them up in advance. I’m interested on that degustation menu, hmmmm… another reason to come back for a staycation in Angelfields.

If you think the place is awesome, wait until night time comes… the place is spectacular!


If this doesn’t make you fall in love… something’s wrong with you…

Angelfields Nature Sanctuary is located along Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road, so if you’re taking SLEX, you will pass by Nuvali to get there. For more info, check out their website by clicking the link below!

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