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Bird of the Moment: Asian Glossy Starlings in the Rain

Photo by Maia Tanedo

Asian Glossy Starlings
Aplonis panayensis

It’s officially the rainy season in the Philippines and I thought of this photo I took of two Asian Glossy Starlings perched out in the open under a gentle rainfall during a trip to Coron, Palawan. Usually, the rainy season hampers birdwatching activities, but these two birds seemed to enjoy being under the rain! I also love how their red eyes look more distinct in this photo. – Maia

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  1. Nathan Michael Palma

    We were in Siquijor last weekend, these were everywhere in the main town. Curiously, they seem to have outnumbered the very common city bird, Eurasian Sparrow in that place. Dark, iridescent, red-eyed sentries of the magic island of fire!

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