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2024 WBCP Checklist of Birds in the Philippines

From the WBCP Records Committee

The Wild Bird Club of the Philippines Records Committee now publishes the 2024 Checklist of Birds in the Philippines. Below are the updated numbers of endemics, residents, and migrants.

Also available below for download is the Excel file of the checklist. You may download the WBCP checklist for personal or scientific reference use only. The Wild Bird Club of the Philippines retains the copyright for the list and it should not be used for commercial purposes without prior written permission from WBCP.

If any of this material is used or included in any other publication or private report, please acknowledge the WBCP using the following citation:

Brinkman, J.J., Allen, D., Hutchinson, R., Jensen, A.E.,Dobbs, G., Chua, M. A., Limparungpatthanakij, Perez, C. (2024): Checklist of birds of the Philippines. Wild Bird Club of the Philippines.

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