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AWC 2012 Summary Report

The Asian Waterbird Census or AWC is a coordinated effort among volunteers in the region of Asia. This region includes Afghanistan all the way east towards Japan then going southward towards Southeast Asia and further down south towards the Australasian region. While the Philippines and other countries in our region participate in our census, counts are also being conducted in Africa, Europe, West Asia and the Neotropics. All these fall under the bigger International Waterbird Census or IWC.

The AWC is coordinated by Wetlands International, an organization dedicated to maintaining and restoring wetlands globally. The waterbird census started in 1987 and has been organized annually by local coordinators in each country. The counts are conducted by volunteers during the month of January (usually during the third and fourth weeks.) Its objectives are to gather information on waterbird populations, to monitor the status and condition of wetlands and to encourage more interest in waterbirds and wetlands which will help promote their conservation.

Here is a summary of the counts our club has participated in:

14 January – Paoay Lake, Laoag                                      Total Count: 1,037

Photo by Dennis Jakoboski
Photo by Dennis Jakoboski

15 January – Candaba Bird Sanctuary, Pampanga          Total Count : 10,454

Photo by Tinggay Cinco
Photo by Tinggay Cinco

17-19 January – Bicol River Estuary, Camarines Sur       Total Count: 21,267

Photo from Tinggay Cinco
Photo by Tinggay Cinco

22 January – Bangrin Protected Landscape, Bani, Pangasinan


Photo by Trinket Canlas
Photo from Trinket Canlas

26-27 January – Pagbilao                                                                    TOTAL COUNT: 786

29 January – Balanga, Bataan                                                        TOTAL COUNT: 14,899

Photo by Mel Tan
Photo by Mel Tan

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