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August 2015 Roundup

August 1, 2015 – Execom Board Meeting

The first Execom board meeting was held on the first day of August with the re-elected officers of WBCP namely Pres. Gina, Vice-Pres. Willem, Treas. Mike and Cristina Cinco as Secretary. The Execom also welcomes the new 5th officer to the board, Karen Ochavo. Maia Tanedo stood as observer- valuing her inputs during the course of the meeting.

Current issues and re-evaluating club policies were discussed. The Execome coming out with some announcements soon. They had a working lunch planning several club trips for the coming weeks kicking off with this Sunday’s club activity at the DENR’s BMB compound at the Ninoy Aquino Park in QC spear headed by Treas Mike Lu with Maia. Next week will be at Ipo Dam with Fredd Ochavo in the lead. By the 3rd week of August a club trip to Mt. Palay-palay is in the drawing board.

In preparation for the in-coming migratory shorebirds, several club trips will be organized to familiarize members with the identification skills of these birds in preparation for E-bird’s global “World Shorebird’s Day” which is WBCP is an active participant. Several locations have already been targeted such as LPPCHEA, Balanga and Macabebe. Other suggested sites are most welcomed. Club experts in the field of waterbirds will be tapped to give talks and pointers during these organized trips. Still waiting for E-bird’s announcement. This will happen sometime in the first week of September.

Updates were also discussed for the forthcoming 10th Philippine Festival at Bataan-“Bayani, Ibon at Ako.” Ocular trips are in the pipe line. Exciting to hear the confirmation of foreign delegates from Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan. A large contingent from mainland China- 2016 Asian Bird Fair venue has signified their interest to attend. This is above the participation of the LGU’s and the support from the DENR and the DOT. Exciting times ahead. Support from all club members are requested.

The Asian region is a buzz with the forthcoming bird festivals in October and November. Currently, there are already 9 WBCP members who will be attending the 6th Asian Bird Fair in Singapore set for 0ct 31-Nov.01. Worthwhile fun experience in joining foreign bird festivals. Other foreign festivals/ conferences scheduled for October are the Asian Raptor Research Conservation Network Conference in Thailand to be represented by Alex Tiongco with Trinket Constantino and Jelaine Gan presenting their studies during the raptor migration in the country. WBCP will also send representatives to the festivals in Taiwan, Thailand and Japan. Please contact Treas. Mike if you are interested to join these Asian festivals.

Since most of the Execom officers are aslo in the Education Committee, a meeting was also convened later in the afternoon. In attendance too were Babie Magadia and Nikkdye Realubit who came straight from the airport flying in earlier from Indonesia. Streamlining of materials, more structured programs for the 10th Phil. Bird Fest discussed, instructor training upcoming. The Edu Com is currently recruiting more members as facilitators in giving talks, origami instructors, artists for these upcoming activities lined up.

Next Execom meeting is scheduled for the last week of September. Suggestions from fellow members are most welcome. Looking forward to seeing the active participation from members and new faces in the future activities lined up. (Photo credit: Mike Lu)


August 19, 2015 – Birdwatching Talk
Manila Waldorf School Timberland Campus

WBCP was invited by fellow member Dr. Lolet Tan to give a talk to some 14 senior high school students from the Manila Waldorf School for her Zoology class. Cristina Cinco described it as a fun experienceinteracting with these intelligent minds giving their full attention as I gave a talk about birdwatching, Phil. birds in general and a bit of introduction for conservation. The one hour session flew by so quickly. She believes it was a great pleasure to give a talk to young people with their enthusiasm for learning and genuine interest in birdwatching. (Photo credit: Cristina Cinco)

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August 31, 2015 – WBCP Guided Trip – UP Diliman
UP Diliman, Quezon City



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