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Bird of the Moment: Cattle Egret

EASTERN CATTLE EGRET Bubulcus coromandus
Photos by Djop Tabaranza

Los Banos, Laguna
May 2017


Cattle Egret breeding 01b DGTabaranza 2017May13

During this time of year, some birds begin to transition into their breeding plumage, just like the Cattle Egret in the photo above. The usually all-white egret, or tagak, sports a golden brown head, neck, breast, and back for a few months during their breeding season. Not all birds have breeding plumage which is used to attract mates.

Below is a photo of a Cattle Egret in non-breeding plumage for comparison.

Cattle Egret nonbreeding 01 DGTabaranza 2017May13

Keep your eye out for Cattle Egrets in breeding plumage when you go out birding in the next few months!


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