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TweeterVerse: Farewell to the Egrets

By Cristina A. Montes

Farewell to the Egrets
By Cristina A. Montes

On evening walks, I pass by a lot
Where a flock of egrets roosts.
I hear them clucking to each other
Of the places they’ve flown to that day.

I’ve envied them –
They fly far and wide
Together, while I wonder
Why I’m often alone indoors.

One day, they will fly away for good.
One day, shops will stand on the lot
Where trees now grow,
Where the egrets roost.

I hope they find another roosting place,
One thick with trees near streams of water.
I hope we learn to listen to each other
As we tell each other of places we’ve been to –

Even if they’re only in dreams.

Egrets in a fishpond (Photo by Michele T. Logarta)

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