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Take this fun quiz prepared by Profiles and Features Editor Carmela Balcazar and find out what kind of birdwatcher you really are!

Take the quiz to see what kind of Birdwatcher you are.

1.  Traveling the distance. Birding Sites I’ve been to…  Choose 1 only.

A.  Any of the following: Coastal Lagoon, La Mesa Eco-Park, UP Diliman, Villa Escudero, Caylabne, Mt. Palay-palay, Candaba, Balanga, IRRI, my garden, nearby bird habitat like a park, golf course  +  1 point

B. Mt. Makiling, Bangkong-kahoy, Subic  + 2 points

C. Out-of-town trips that require flying or taking the RORO  + 3 points

    Mt. Kitanlad – up to Apo Sunbird, (additional 1 point)

     Hamut, Camp Sawa (additional 2 points)

D. Cyber birding is my kind of thing.  – 1 point

2. Equipment (I have the following when I go birding)

A. Own binoculars + 3 points

B. Borrowed binoculars + 1 point

C. Laser pointer + 1 point

D. Playback device, squeaker + 1 point

E. Spotting scope + 2 points

F. Field Guide + 1 point

G. Documentation equipment (Notebook, recorder or Camera) + 2 points

H. Don’t need any.  – 1 point

3. Liquid intake. My liquid replenishment consists of…  Choose only 1 answer.

A. Water, Energy drinks like Gatorade, + 3 points

B. Beer, Coffee, Tarragon tea + 1 point

C. I’m a camel.  -1 point

4. Birding Buddies

A. 2 or less  + 1 point

B. 3-5        +2 points

C. I can bird with most anyone.     +3 points

D. Single and loving it.        – 1 point

5. Time for birds

A. I’m up before dawn  + 3 points (additional 2 pts. If I bird during twilight and beyond)

B. Mortal hours please! (8 am to 5 pm)  + 2 points

C. I sneak in my birding.  + 1 point

D. I need my beauty sleep.  – 1

6. When I see a bird…

A. I take note of field marks            + 3 points

B. Admire with delight                      + 2 points

C. Wait for someone to identify what species + 1 point

D. My text messages are more important.  – 1 point

7. Age (Honesty system)

A. 18 – 21 years old   add  2 points

B. 22 – 47                 add 1 point

C. 48 above                add 3 points

D. Senior citizens, minors (below 18) + 4 points


25 points and above   Now a legend, soon a brand.

20-24 points   Hardcore

16-19 points   Devotee

10-15 points   Fan

9 below   Fat birds don’t fly

Less than zero – take up a new hobby.


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