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About the Club


The Wild Bird Club of the Philippines is a significant venue for those participating in birdwatching, recording information about wild birds and protecting their habitats in the Philippines. The Club is the center for collating information gathered by birdwatchers in the Philippines and in providing access to that information for members and visitors alike. The club will undertake activities that will increase membership and interest in birdwatching the protection of wild birds by the general public.

We will have access to necessary resources to provide support for the Club, its objectives and its members and will have affiliation with other clubs and organisations in the region and in the world in order to continually improve those resources.

Through the activities of the club, we will be able to indirectly assist in protection of the habitat of the wild birds and thereby in the protection and sustainable management of both the flora and fauna of the Philippines. In addition we will always remain sensitive to the peoples that live in the same areas in which we operate.


We are a club that will endeavor to be the primary resource for information and records of birdwatchers in the Philippines in a fair, non-profit way.

We will work to improve the club’s facilities and resources to be able to increase awareness of birdwatching and protection of wild birds in the Philippines and the benefits of membership of the club, through the following:

  • Provide unrestricted access to all records that the group publishes. Records deemed to be ‘sensitive’ (especially breeding data) will not be published or released unconditionally.
  • Endeavor to maintain integrity of all records of the club.
  • Remain interested in all wild birds, in all habitats whatever their status.
  • Provide complete respect and assistance for all members of whatever experience with particular reference to records of scarce birds.
  • Aim to provide a venue for visiting foreign birdwatchers to access information and birdwatching in the Philippines and in turn, receive and collate the results of those trips.
  • Assist in any way possible with other local and foreign organizations with regard to recording and sharing information, disseminating information and assisting in relevant events that we feel capable of.
  • Conduct activities in which the General Public will be able to be exposed to birdwatching and bird protection.
    Remain sensitive to people living within areas in which we bird watch.

And in all the activities we undertake, we have the utmost regard for safety and values learnt.


The Wild Bird Club of the Philippines is a nationwide club of birdwatchers interested in the wild birds of the Philippines and in the preservation of these birds.

In our club we provide a supporting environment in which its members can communicate and learn from each other, our activities and resources.

Here at the WBCP, we stand:

  • To provide opportunities for all individuals to benefit through open relationships, optional activities and access to resources (maintenance fees may be charged for some items)
  • To provide venues for all members to experience and enjoy birdwatching on a “without prejudice” basis
  • To teach values such as respect for the birds, animals, plants and people in whose environment we watch birds
  • To produce leaders capable of imparting the enjoyment of birdwatching and bird preservation and its intricacies to new members and interested parties alike
  • To constantly update and improve our Club’s standing in the global ornithological community
  • To host a library of information on birdwatching in the Philippines that will, in future, become the main reference point for non-scientific data collection
  • To maintain records of occurrence of wild Philippine birds in particular those in need of preservation and conservation.

2004 World Bank Environmental Champion Awardee

WBCP was chosen as one of the Environmental Champions for the World Bank Philippines’ "State of the Environment Annual Publication, The Philippine Environment Monitor 2004″. The publication identified Environmental Champions as concerned individuals, governments and informal organizations that have relied on local resources and demonstrated a strong political will to become pioneering champions of environmental protection.

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