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Bird Gallery

The Philippine archipelago has an astounding record of 709 species, comprised of resident and migratory birds, of which 241 species are endemic (WBCP Checklist of the Philippines 2020, as of 15 February 2020). Despite the high degree of endemism, very few Filipinos are aware of the country’s avifaunal diversity. WBCP has for our mission the promotion of the responsible appreciation of nature and, to collect & provide information about the birds of the Philippines.

As much as possible, WBCP would like to use the pictures of birds taken in the wild however some species are very difficult to photograph hence we compensate with photos taken in captivity. WBCP would like to thank the photographers who generously shared their bird photos on this website to educate and create awareness for the general public. Photo credits are found on each photo. The photos are owned by the individual photographers and do not belong to the WBCP.

Northern Strom Petrels

Petrels and Shearwaters