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The Wild Bird Club of the Philippines is a nation-wide club of birdwatchers interested in the wild birds of the Philippines. Our activities help raise awareness about Philippine avian biodiversity and its preservation, while promoting birdwatching as a responsible way to enjoy nature. This is backed up by a database of bird sighting records maintained by the Club, the only one in the country.

PH Birding Quick Numbers

The Philippines is well-known for it’s rich marine life, having the center of the center of the marine biodiversity of the world. But what most people do not know, including Filipinos, is that the Philippines can boast of the bird life that can be found here. In fact, the Philippines is ranked third in the world with the highest number of endemics per square kilometer next to Indonesia and Australia.



number of species that have been recorded in the Philippines to date



species that can only be found in our country



species that winter in our country from August to March



species that occur here as well as in other countries

Based on the 2021 WBCP Checklist of Birds of the Philippines (1 April 2021). The number of residents species include resident species with migrant populations.

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Applicants are required to join a guided birdwatching trip with WBCP prior to membership. If you are already a birdwatcher, the requirement to join a guided trip prior to membership is waived.

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