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Reclamation plans bad news for bay’s 200K winged visitors 1/15/2020
Endangered Birds Flocking Bulacan 1/15/2020
2020 Asian Waterbird Census, isinagawa sa Bataan 1/13/2020
Ang Huling Gubat sa Maynila 4/27/2019
Rare migratory birds sighted flying over Pampanga islet 1/15/2019
Tacurong City to host Philippine Bird Festival 3/16/2018
Born to be Wild: The life of migratory birds in the Philippines 1/21/2018
Fewer birds seen at Candaba Swamp this year 1/16/2018
Migratory birds find shelter in Masantol 3/26/2017
Scops Owls rescued in Pangasinan 1/11/2017



Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho: Australian Pelican sa GenSan 9/19/2016
“Lost” Aussie pelican a hit in the Philippines 9/14/2016
An Australian pelican lands in Sarangani 9/11/2016
LPPCHEA on Urban Wildlife Podcast 9/11/2016
Seeking sustainable growth for golf 5/9/2016


Organizers of Philippine bird festival hope to raise conservation awareness 12/12/15
10th Philippine Bird Festival draws thousands 12/10/15
Bataan capital city gears up for migratory bird festival 12/08/15
Enthusiasts, environmentalists flock to Bataan for PHLÕs biggest bird fest 12/3/15
Science-based ecotourism: What the Philippines can learn from Malaysia 4/24/15
Birdwatching sa Metro Manila 3/31/15
Metro Manila’s ‘secret’ wildlife sanctuary – and why it might disappear soon 3/11/15
All set for festival in Zamboanga 2/26/15
First local bird festival slated in Zamboanga City on Feb. 27 2/13/15
One of the world’s rarest ducks seen in Pampanga 2/5/15
Priest promotes bird conservation 1/30/15
Balanga City: A Haven for Migratory Birds 1/27/15


Alabado: Bird Watching: Another ecotourism industry potential 11/23/14
Use only cameras on birds 11/21/14
DENR, birdwatchers team up to conserve wild birds 11/20/2014
Diliman’s wildlife 11/19/2014
UP Diliman nabs wildlife hunter 11/12/2014
Wildlife hunting in UP Diliman irks alumni 11/10/2014
Rare bird senselessly killed in UP Diliman Wildlife Sanctuary 11/10/2014
Look up in the sky, it’s a bird!


Birdwatching trips, isinusulong ng Wild Bird Club of the Philippines


Animalspeak: Birds to benefit from Coastal Clean-up


Who’s who at Parañaque – Las Piñas bird haven


The puzzle of the Philippines’ “disappearing” raptors


Rare wetland bird spotted in Ilocos Norte


A Paradise for Bird watchers


First photo evidence of Glossy Ibis snapped in Luzon


The Mysterious annual ritual of the pigeons of Pasuquin



Rare Black-faced Spoonbills spotted in Candaba 12/21/2013
Wild Bird Club of the Philippines not giving up on Zamboanga City 12/20/2013
Petition: Chavit Singson, Daughter asked o stop hunting endangered birds 11/26/2013
NBI probes Chavit Singson, daughter for duck hunting 11/25/2013
What’s Up, Duck? 11/10/2013
Chavit’s daughter claims they shot endemic ducks outside of PHL 11/6/2013
Duck Dynasty ? Singson’s hunting trip irks critics 11/6/2013
Wildlife Bureau looking into Chavit Singson’s duck-hunting trip with daughter 11/5/2013
Groups slam Chavit Singson and daughter’s wild duck-hunting activities 11/4/2013
Zambo crisis prompts postponement of ZamPen Cave Summit, 9th National Bird Fest 09/20/2013
9th PHL Bird Festival set in Zambo Oct. 3-5 09/5/2013
Jambangan stages Zambo culture 9th Philippine Bird Festival launch 08/30/2013
Japanese scientists work with PHL birdwatchers on birds of prey study 08/24/2013
Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, pinapalaganap ang kaalaman sa bird migration at habitats 07/15/2013
Candaba wild birds hunted despite ban 07/8/2013
DOT IX gears for the 9th Philippine Bird Festival in Zamboanga 06/16/2013
Philippine team wins 1st International Borneo Bird Race 06/11/2013
Philippines are the expert bird watchers 06/10/2013
Pride and Shame: Saving Philippine hornbills 05/4/2013
Bird defenders get international boost 04/6/2013
PHL is home to the world’s two most endangered hornbill species 04/6/2013
Manila’s last piece of marine wilderness under siege 04/4/2013
NCR’s last bird sanctuary makes RAMSAR list of globally important wetlands 03/19/2013
Bird watcher’s camera captures rare young Philippine Eagle in wild 03/16/2013
DOT-R9 welcomes the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines to Zamboanga City 02/28/2013
Iba’t ibang uri ng migratory birds, dumagsa sa Balanga, Bataan 01/30/2013
Bird watchers from across the globe throng Dhordo to attend third
Global Bird Watchers’ Conference 2013
Hornbills in the City: Clock ticking on nature’s timekeeper 01/24/2013
Fewer ponds in Candaba mean fewer migrant birds 01/23/2013


MIAA naglaan ng P45M para sa equipment na pantaboy ng ibon State of the Nation 10/18/2012
Birds or Big Business ? 10/09/2012
Pagtanggal sa bird sanctuary sa coastal area sa Paranaque at Las Pinas solusyon nga ba sa bird strike? 09/24/2012
Airport authorities, bird advocates in collision course over sanctuary 09/24/2012
Bird Strike posibleng maging sanhi ng plane crash 09/24/2012
Keep the bird sanctuary 09/17/2012
Rare birds spotted at La Mesa Ecopark 09/15/2012
“Birdwatchers join calls vs Manila Bay reclamation project 09/13/2012
“Air battle” on over bird sanctuary 09/13/2012
Sanctuary shutdown will not stop bird strikes, expert says 09/13/2012
Wild Bird club tutol sa Manila Bay reclamation 09/12/2012
Bird strikes used as excuse for reclamation project: group 09/12/2012
Bird Strike Advisor: No need to close down bird sanctuary near NAIA 09/12/2012
Don’t blame the birds, volunteer birdwatchers say 09/12/2012
‘Kalapati,’ not avian sanctuary, are real threat to NAIA planes 09/12/2012
Man vs. Bird 09/12/2012
Buhay Dagat, Buhay Natin ! 2012 Month of the Ocean celebration 05/22/2012
The Villar Foundation celebrates Month of the Ocean with various environmental activities 05/20/2012
Owls in the City 04/21/2012
The new face of Pangasinan ecotourism 03/13/2012
Reclamation projects feared to endanger ecosystems 02/24/2012
DENR, WBCP take census 02/04/2012
Photography passion takes flight 01/2012
Migratory birds find “wetter“ shelter in Candaba 01/05/2012
Town sets census of migratory birds 01/03/2012


Metro Manila’s last mangroves under threat 12/11
Imperilled Beauty 10-12/11
Wild Bird Club of the Philippines nagsagawa ng libreng birdwatching trip 10/17/11
Bird watchers worldwide grace 7th PH bird festival 09/25/11
7th Philippine Bird Festival held in Dumaguete City 09/23/11
Philippines eats, sells biodiversity riches 09/21/11
Coastal Clean-Up isinagawa sa Las Pinas-Paranaque ecotourism area 08/07/11
Dumaguete to host Bird Festival 08/07/11
Negros Oriental to host 7th Philippine Bird Festival 08/01/11
Wild birds photo exhibit set at mall 08/01/11
Birds of Coastal Lagoon 07/17/11
“Migratory Birds” exhibit at SM City Cebu 07/09/11
In Manila, birds and planes on a collision course 07/08/11
Migratory Birds in danger of losing Metro Manila home to aircraft 07/08/11
Metro Manila wetlands primed for ecotourism 06/09/11
Channel, bridge to save bird sanctuary 06/08/11
Birdwatchers advocate Philippine bird species awareness 06/05/11
A bird sanctuary in the city 06/02/11
Floods feared from reclamation project in Las Piñas-Parañaque lagoon 05/29/11
City slickers take to bird watching in Metro Manila 05/26/11
Project perils Metro bird sanctuary 05/24/11
This paradise called Tubbataha 05/22/11
Grupo ng bird enthusiast, nagtipon-tipon para mag-birdwatching 03/27/11
Travel: A birdy affair 03/23/11
A place to call home 03/21/11
Birds vanishing in the Philippines 01/25/11
8,725 migratory birds surface in Candaba, Pampanga 01/24/11
Aggressive developments in wetlands to drive away migratory birds 01/23/11
13,984 migratory birds counted for one day in Balanga City 01/17/11


BSP open to criticism on erroneous bank notes 12/20/10
Aquino to critics of new peso bills: Our money is not a map 12/20/10
BSP to correct next batch of new peso bills 12/20/10
Scientific names on new peso bills written incorrectly 12/20/10
Malacanang washes hands of new money errors 12/20/10
Philippines defends error-filled peso notes 12/20/10
Error-filled peso bills spark uproar 12/20/10
BSP urged to redesign erroneous new peso bills 12/20/10
Errors found on new peso bills 12/19/10
El pueblo costero de Morong, santuario de tortugas verdes 12/03/10
Davao to promote eco-tourism 10/12/10
Despite travel ban, Hong Kong birdwatchers attend bird fair 09/27/10
Davao students learn about conservation in the first Asian Bird Fair 9/27/10
Hong Kong, Shanghai tourists swarm 1st Asian Bird fair in Davao 9/27/10
Birdwatchers flock to Davao 9/27/10
Davao City hosts Asian Bird Fair & Philippine Bird Fest 9/23/10
Forest near Metro Manila perfect sites for birdwatching 9/19/10
Filipino environmentalist works for ‘green’ future of Ipo Dam watershed 8/17/10
Asian bird fair in Davao 6/15/10
PEF Davao launches arts workshops on birds and nature 6/13/10
Eagle Week and it’s one week of fun 6/5/10
Follow that bird! 5/22/10
Davao soon to be Asia bird watchers’ paradise 5/17/10
Birdwatching trip with the boys at Nuvali 5/11/10
Davao hosts 1st Asian Bird Fair 5/7/10
Two major events set to promote bird conservation 5/6/10
Migratory bird sanctuary threatened in Philippines 4/30/10
“Holocaust” feared in Candaba bird haven 4/13/10
Bird from Europe finds home in Candaba Marsh 4/3/10
PWU Balanga campus officials see growth of Philippine tourism 3/10/10
The pleasures of birdwatching 2/20/10
Balanga bird-watching site attracts visitors 2/01/10
Hunting, land conversion woes theaten bird sanctuary 1/21/10
Protecting the Birds 1/20/10
Hunting, area conversion ‘decrease migratory birds’ 1/19/10
New migratory birds seen in Candaba 1/14/10
Bird census held in 3 Bataan wetland sites 1/12/10
More migratory water birds found in Balanga City 1/12/10
Philippines vital for survival of migratory birds 1/11/10


Environmental Groups Meet at Bird Watching Fair Banquet 11/10/09
DoT to maximize Cebu bird species to attract birdwatching market 11/01/09
Things to see in Bataan and places to visit 10/18/09
Birds in Flight 10/17/09
DENR releases Brahminy Kites 10/15/09
Save RP as home for birds to create jobs 10/14/09
Protection of bird havens a boost to tourism 10/11/09
Umagang kay Ganda 10/09/09
DOT, BIrdlife sign agreement 10/08/09
Migrant birds lead tourists to Balanga 09/17/09
Smart shows public schools how to tell stories online 07/06/09
Land conversion in Candaba threatens migratory birds 04/20/09
Rare bird found in Candaba 04/16/09
‘Jesus’ birds walk on waters of Candaba 04/08/09
Candaba wetlands now top tourist destination 04/04/09
“Extinct” bird seen, eaten 02/20/09
Rare RP quail spotted – on way to cooking pot 02/18/09
Habitat for birds nearly gone in RP 02/13/09
RP tourism up by 1.5% 02/07/09
Ibon Ebon dancers delight DOT exec 02/06/09
Bye-Bye Birdie ! 01/26/09
Food basket of ‘feathered tourists’ 01/19/09
2 di pangkaraniwang ibon namataan sa Candaba 1/16-22/09
Birdwatching Philippine Style 01/09


Migratory birds sighted in Las Pinas-Paranaque lagoon 12/29/08
Hundred Islands tops bird watching site 12/04/08
Gone to the Birds 12/01/08
“Flying” tourism to new heights 11/23/08
DOT takes flight in London 11/20/08
Keeping an eye on the birds 11/01/08
Bird Tourism 10/22/08
Durano optimistic on birdwatching in the country 10/18/08
This Tourism is more than just for the birds 10/11/08
Birdwatching guide features forest, wetlands in Cebu 10/10/08
Extreme Birdwatching 09/08
DOT on a campaign to make bird-watching tours fly 8/17/08
Wild about birds 08/15/08
Bird Festival to focus on habitat protection 08/11/08
The Quest for Aerial Sightings 08/09/08
Philippine Bird Festival takes flight in Palawan 08/07/08
Balanga City, newest RP birdwatching site 08/02/08
Interview of Birdfest Chair Alice Villa-Real 08/01/08
Simple Living at the Hacienda 07/18/08
Rare bird visitor found in Candaba Swamp 05/10/08
Group announces first Philippine sighting of bird species 05/05/08
Keep your eye in the birdie in this Southern Sanctuary 05/03/08
Birds find nesting place in Valenzuela City 03/03/08
Wild ducks find sanctuary inside power plant 02/12/08
Candaba Stages 1st Ibon-Ebon Festival 02/02/08
Negros bird slaughter raises outcry 02/02/08
Stop Killing Birds 01/22/08
Bird fanatics visit Candaba’s nests 01/22/08
Concern raised over hunting of native duck 01/18/08
Wild Bird Club hits sports fowl-hunting 01/17/08
New record for RP: 17,000 birds sighted in Candaba 01/14/08
Atienza ‘Hunts’ Bird Hunters 01/14/08
The Birds in Candaba Swamp 01/13/08


Fallout 12/26/07
Postmortem Evidence 12/18/07
How the (Bird) Race was Won 12/16/07
Slaughter of the Birds 12/13/07
The Philippines kicks off bird festival season in Asia 09/12/07
Paranaque receives equipment from UNICEF 08/30/07
Bird lovers ask Tomas to keep 40 species at SRP 08/30/07
Tomas wants birds to have part of SRP 08/30/07
Mayor says wildlife conservation and industrialization can co-exist 08/30/07
Birdwatching in the City 06/03/07
Be Bird Flu-safe as you Enjoy Birdwatching 06/1-2/07
Watch, Not Catch Wild Birds in the City


Bird Club issues reminder


Ooh Baby, Baby It’s A Wild Bird



Hundred Islands: Birds’ Haven October 10, 2006
World’s Wetland Saviors Visit Candaba October 8, 2006
Festival for the Birds September 22, 2006
Environment Advocates to Hold Bird Festival August 28, 2006
Living in Westgrove is Like always on Vacation August 26, 2006
Paranaque Protects City’s Winged Visitors July 31, 2006
Promoting Environmental Awareness through Birdwatching July 2006
A Singaporean Birdwatcher in Mt. Kitanglad June 7, 2006
Birds Place City in a Dilemma May 9, 2006
Rare Birds in SRP May 8, 2006
82 Bird Species Find Sanctuary in UP Campus May 8, 2006
Birds in Candaba Swamp safe from bird flu – DENR March 4, 2006
Birds Find Haven in State University February 27, 2006
Bird Census Key to Monitoring Disease January 30, 2006
Rare Birds Sighted at Candaba Swamp January 16, 2006
No Virus in Migrant Birds December 26, 2005
One for the Birds December 4-10, 2005
Ecotourism in the Philippines November 20-26, 2005
Stay away from migratory birds, Bataan folks urged November 1. 2005
Rare Bird Adds More Feathers to his Cap August 07, 2005
Birding in Paradise with Ballpoint Pens June 26, 2005
Dropping the Trigger for the Shutter June 11, 2005
Using Photography as his Advocacy May 11, 2005
An Eye for Birds April 26, 2005
Birding in the Visayas April 23, 2005
Birding on the Fly March-April 2005
Watch Migratory Birds at Candaba Swamp

January 2005

SRP ‘lake’: Bird watchers’ paradise

December 2004

Air Show featured on InterCom, the official newsletter of the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation, November 2004 issue, Volume 15, No. 11. The article appears on pp.3,4 & 6.

November 2004

Wild Bird Club visists Landco’s Leisure Farms

October 2004

Scientific world celebrates stunning discovery of UPV wildlife biologist

September 2004

Birdwatching in Paranaque ? Talaga ? Grabe !

September 2004

New Bird spotted in the Philippines

August 2004

Do we really need another mall ?

August 2004

Not Just For The Birds

August 2004

Manila’s Feathered Charms

August 2004

Manila Goes to the Birds

July 2004

Birdwatching in La Vista the first time around

June 2004

When Birders Bird

June 2004

Birding in Tambo

May 2004

Men Zone Magazine

April 24, 2004

An Unlikely Bird Paradise

July-September 2003

A Bird-watcher’s Haven

April 5, 2003

Naturalists want to turn Manila park into bird haven

January 2, 2003